346 ~ Nurture the Body

I have been doing some major damage to my body this past week – too much alcohol and not a lot much else. For those of you who have only recently started viewing my blog, you can read more about my diet here.

Starting today, I went back to my old eating habits. My staples: Vegan Protein Powder, Coconut Oil, Nutritional Yeast, and Chia Seeds. I forgot to add Quinoa but I ran out of it so it’s not pictured here. You can look these items up and read about the benefits of each.

I try to cook often and freeze a lot of portions out so I always have healthy food on hand. That way I don’t run out and get fast food as well. I think that physical health is very important. I have abused my body quite often when I was younger, so now I have to try and reverse the damages, or at least learn to take better care of myself. Currently I only have ice and organic frozen fruits in my freezer. Easy to make protein shakes that way though. Oh, and of course veggie patties (not that healthy!) and Ezekiel bread.


At times it is a bit more expensive to eat healthier, but it’s cheaper than the alternative of hospital bills.

An easy recipe I like to make is Chia Fresca. It’s an all natural energy drink, and is great for runners (look up Born to Run by Christopher McDougall). For me, I drink it because chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and it helps to balance my blood sugar out. I also make all kinds of chia pudding, although my favorite would be my coconut vanilla chia pudding – it is to die for.

chia seeds

Tomorrow I shall be taking my poor Vitamix out of retirement, and I will make a post someday soon about the green drink I have daily.

You are a perishable item. Live accordingly.

~ Britt

Oh, and this isn’t really a song (although I do like the snippet of the song they sing), but Mr. Charming emailed me the link because it reminded him of me. If you haven’t yet seen my gravatar, that is actually a panda spirit hood that I have on. Also, I am a very ornery person. I simply cannot stop laughing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Never say no to Panda!

So the guilt of not posting a song like I said I would every day is getting to me. Here’s a song that I will probably have on replay. It’s soothing, and I just love how whimsical the music video is! πŸ™‚ Ok. End rant.

17 thoughts on “346 ~ Nurture the Body

  1. That health business looks serious – and I have been drinking way too much too….Anyway, I am not sure if you are too popular to be eligible, but I nominated you for the liebster award…. details on my site…http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/liebster-award-my-answers-my-questions-and-my-nominees/

    Thank you for being you….

    The Liebster Award is an award given to up-an-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

    The rules are:

    Share 11 facts about yourself.

    Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.

    Ask 11 questions of your own.

    Nominate 11 bloggers.

    • Hi John. Lovinchelle nominated the award to me a few days ago, it looks different than this one, but it is the Liebster. I created the post already, just haven’t published it yet.

      Thank you though, and congratulations ❀

  2. Panda dairy products – never heard of them – and why panda? Panda milk!?!?!?! The ideas that companies come up with just to get us to buy ‘their’ milk and not another companies product! “I know – lets call it panda, and make sure no-one remembers it’s from a cow!!” Or is it Vegan, and I missed the point? I don’t drink milk any more myself, I have my tea (Darjeeling!) black, so I guess that’s me saying no, better look out for the panda in my local supermarket tomorrow!

    And the butterfly video was lovely, always like a butterfly song/poem/video even film!

    Have read your post on your diet, very interesting, and agree with a lot of what you said! I used to be Veggie about 15years ago, and weirdly I gave it up because I got fed up with people having an issue with it (not family) but people at church (used to be Christian!) and it’s amazing how many people would purposefully create food at gatherings or invited dinners that they tried to pretend was vegetarian, when it contained fish! I’d eat it anyway because I wasn’t that bothered (secretly I think that upset them too!) Some even believed that all vegetarians ate fish! I got the feeling that I was more known for being vegetarian than a Christian, and at that time it really bothered me, didn’t feel right, so I deleted the veg bit from my life, and had no issues and silly conversations with people about being vegetarian ever again. And then I stopped going to church, and my ‘jury’ is still out on the Christian thing, I prefer to be open minded on that subject!! But I really couldn’t give a damn what people think about me now, or what their opinions are on what I eat, don’t know what was going through my head at that time. Anyway, I’ve grown up now! πŸ™‚

    I do have more veggie meals these days. But sometimes I really feel I need some protein, just a little tiny bit, and my body doesn’t always respond well to alternatives! I noticed you said about skin problems, and how your skin is in glowing health now, is that because you eat nuts? I tried nuts blended in vegetable soups years ago and my skin just became beautiful! Only problem was I got terrible stomach pains and had to give it up the nuts. But I have discovered I can eat cashew nuts and they are quite amazing. Have also had a major healing process in my dry skin by eating Parsnips! At least 4 a week and mainly as soup because that seems to have twice the effect, add cashew nuts to the blend too and it tastes really creamy. I’ve almost got to the point of not needing hand cream on my terribly dry hands, and they look like my hands now, instead of some dry cracked alien hands I’ve had for nearly 20 years! It’s amazing when you discover the right food for you, what dramatic effect it can have! I discovered the parsnip miracle just out of my curiosity of what soup recipe I could try out next, and suddenly noticed my skin healing!!! And I found I could rub raw grated parsnip on my hands and it would instantly stop any itching from dry skin – I was stunned! πŸ™‚

    Now that I’ve written you a book here, I’d better copy and paste this like you suggested, otherwise you will probably hear my scream all the way to California! My brother told me to create comments in notepad and then copy and paste. I should always take my big brothers advice, because he normally knows what he is talking about!! πŸ˜€

    • I don’t have dairy either. Lactose issue, so I drink almond milk. Not sure about the Panda product, the commercials just make me laugh πŸ™‚

      Being a vegetarian or vegan is a lot more common here. It is well accepted and I haven’t had any issues. There are a lot of restaurants that cater to this kind of dietary lifestyle where I live. And I agree with you on the Christian debacle.

      Skin thing – I eat a lot of nuts and avocados. Uuu, never thought of parsnips before, but I shall try some recipes with them in it soon. Thank you for the recommendation πŸ˜‰

      Quinoa is a complete protein. I use it as a substitute for dishes that call for white rice. I also eat them with this Cajun/jambalaya veggie soup I make. Delish!

      LOL, well it’s good to know that this comment made it on my page. I’d hate to see you post something shorter because your original thoughts got deleted or messed up by WordPress.

      • Yes I have a lactose issue too, but I’ve got an even larger issue with cutting out cheese! I feel better (more energy) if I eat a small amount of cheese. I love chick peas when made into humus or something similar, and found that to be the best alternative to cheese, but a couple of years ago I ended up quite seriously ill caused by the Sulphur Dioxide in the canned chickpeas! I found out through a lot of internet research that some people can get really low blood sugar and low blood pressure from eating food with this in on a regular basis, and those were the symptoms I had. It depletes the body of Thiamine which eventually causes a collection of very nasty symptoms, I felt like I was dying, breathless weak, had to eat little bits of food throughout the day just to keep my blood sugar normal! It’s added to the chickpeas purely to keep them from going brown, so it may be in the frozen and dried ones too. It’s also in a lot of dried other dried foods. Had some dried coconut recently from a health food store that didn’t list Sulphur Dioxide on the packed, but I knew by the way I felt the following day that it did contain it. So I haven’t had the courage to try the dried chickpeas, think I’ll stick to a little cheese for now!!

        I tried Quinoa and I loved it! But within minutes it made the my mouth feel tingly and itchy, aahh! I get that with Sunflower Seeds too. You wouldn’t believe the allergies I’ve had to the most healthy foods, it’s really not fair!!

        I meant to say that I didn’t notice your ears on your panda hood, but I can see them now! Lovely! πŸ˜€

        • Oh no! >.< That's terrible to hear. I've only had chickpeas in the form of prepackaged hummus… haven't felt strange from eating them, perhaps only because I haven't eaten mass quantities of it? I've heard that it's hard for many vegetarians to cut out cheese… hasn't been that big of a problem for me. It tends to cause a lot of phlegm build up in my throat so I avoid it.

          How and why are you allergic to quinoa and sunflower seeds?! 😦 That sucks that you're allergic to most health foods.

          And thanks Suzy πŸ™‚ Love the pandas!

  3. What, you’re telling me you don’t like to eat at McScronald’s? No Burger King-Shit for you?
    That’s good : )
    Careful with the booze though. A healthy body isn’t much good without a healthy soul. I don’t care if it’s legal or socially accepted or not, too much of any substance is a mask for what ails us.

    • I heard they were good as well. Although a co-worker of mine said she preferred chia seeds over the flax so I tried that first. Thanks for the reminder, I shall add that onto my shopping list!

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