330 ~ Shutterbug

If you didn’t already know
How amazing you are
Let me be your eyes
In which you are the star

And with each passing moment
A photograph I will take
As tangible evidence
Of the joy you create

For my eyes are like shutters
To this camera of a mind
I’ll make negatives of your beauty
For you are one of a kind

A picture may be worth
Ten thousand words they say
But your portrait leaves me speechless
As the sight of you takes my breath away

And even in the darkness of sleep
When my eyes are closed tight
My heart is open for you
As your image lights up my night

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice

moscowEven if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear

41 thoughts on “330 ~ Shutterbug

  1. Reblogged this on Ekhava and commented:
    this is an awesome poem. very beautifully written. This poem speaks of self worth, acceptance, love, respect, life. Check it out.

    Love Unconditional…

  2. Not as keen on Snow patrol as some others, but they do have a great sound and this song is good and works too for this post, so, well chosen….and I love to see that love in that poem of yours too – I hope he appreciates it!

    • I had actually forgotten about this song so it wasn’t my first choice. But when I stumbled upon it again, I just knew I wanted it for this post. The music and his voice is so soothing, yet powerful at the same time.

      It’s a post for my best friend. I would like to hope he knows just how much I love and appreciate him since I talk to him every day. I miss him though >.< But we're always there for each other, no matter how many miles there are between us.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever really met a man who took my breath away, make me speechless, yes definitely speechless! 😉
    But I think you were referring to a different kind of speechless *sigh* I’ll just have to write about that bit for now! But I’ve got a funny feeling that if I did meet one that took my breath away right now, I think he might take my writing with too, I’d consider him too much of a distraction, so I’d just have to get rid of him!!

    That’s my favourite song of Snow Patrol! And talking of snow, it’s trying to come back again, but I’ve been lucky where I am so far, just keeps chucking hail/sleet/snow all at once in a hard bursts every so often, with a cutting wind behind it!

    I see you got reblog for this lovely one, that’s a very good sign! 😀

    • LOL, perhaps I am referring to a different kind. Some people you know so well that words become unnecessary, and in the moment of silence you know your eyes can speak for your heart.

      For me it is the opposite. It is nice having a muse around. It is definitely bringing this blog more attention now that I have been writing about him I think – if my traffic is any indication.

      How’s the trash pick up going since the snow had subsided? No more chances for snow ball fights or sledding incidents I would presume. 😉

      • No chances of snow games yet! And the bins were finally emptied, thank God I don’t have a family there would have been bin bags flowing out of the wheelie bin everywhere! And I don’t know what substances they are creating shoes soles and tires with today, but it seems to be more plastic than rubber and that causes a lot slip sliding everywhere, even on a dusting of snow! Last time it came down fairly heavy about 2inches, and a friend told me yesterday that the police closed a major road because there had been too many near accidents! This left people waiting for buses that didn’t arrive, standing in the freezing weather at night! Well thought out that was – (we’ll stop the cars sliding into each other, but the people standing at bus stops can just stand there all night and die of hypothermia!) 😦 My friend managed to get 3/4 the way home with what she described as a ‘miracle bus’ somehow managed to get to it’s destination, and the kind driver had more people standing than he was allowed, but everyone going that way got home that night! 🙂

        I lived in a rural area when I was a child, high up on a hill, countryside everywhere, used to get loads of snow, and buses were still running! School very rarely got cancelled which was a bit of a down side!! 😀

        • Probably the manufacturers are cutting down costs so the shoe soles and tires don’t work like they should :/

          That was a lose-lose situation with the blockage, but I’m glad everyone got home safely.

          But you didn’t have to worry about school for long since you eventually got to be home schooled 🙂

    • This is what happens when all my CD’s go missing, and my hard drive crashes. I’m missing all these songs I used to love & listen to!

      And I’m glad you liked it. Funny how I can turn one of our conversations into a poem 😉

    • Wendell, your site is a true inspiration. Whenever I feel down or lost, I enjoy going to your page to read your uplifting words. Of faith, of love. They ring loud and true. I know God has blessed you with this gift, and I know you have the talent to spread those words to fall on eager ears. Thank you for spreading the word. May you continue to be blessed in your life.

      Your sister in Christ

  4. Reblogged this on dithyrambs & ditties and commented:
    must be reblogged! 😉
    “For my eyes are like shutters
    To this camera of a mind
    I’ll make negatives of your beauty
    For you are one of a kind.”

    fine stuff ! cheers serge

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