325 ~ the Science of Sleeping Hearts

At times I feel as if I am a visitor
A space explorer as I discover the deep
Recesses of your mind as you lay there
Hearing constellations turn in their sleep

Like a line in one of those science fiction novels
You would always love to read
But this story is far from fantasy
And no words could ever fill this need

How your touch could evoke the act of
Twisting and turning the veins to my heart
Colors shift and patterns change
As you gently spread my lips apart

When I bury myself in the space of you
The infinite colors seem so far
So I will try to capture these feelings to make
A kaleidoscope out of your stars

the scientist

22 thoughts on “325 ~ the Science of Sleeping Hearts

  1. I love the science fiction and space references, really good this one! ‘The Science Of Sleeping Hearts’ that sounds like a good novel!!
    I’ve shared a video today, that’s got a hint of science fiction in it – I’ve been reading your mind again!
    And I like the song, haven’t heard that one before! 😀

  2. colours and space

    may be broken

    into Pantone / CMYK / RGB

    but they’ll never truly match

    an original experience

    the copy is only an approximation

    no matter the science

  3. Coldplay – I am warming slowly to these guys. They were such a sensation, and I had a cousin who was mad about them when I was mad about Muse….well he liked Muse too, but not the ones I liked. Anyway, they are undeniable, as are you.

    This poem, esp the second last stanza, is really good – and in the last two lines that finish the second last stanza (colours shift…) you show what a fine writer you are….It is funny writing poems at this rate, how good they can be…and it is lovely to read poems, I never manage to write quite what I want to hear, and I am always on the prowl for good writing, for a distinctive voice, and line….thank you Britt, an inspiration.

    • This is my absolute favorite song from them. It speaks to me in a way that touches my heart and at times, have brought me to tears.

      I think I am slowly honing my writing technique. The more I do it, the more it is starting to come more naturally and fall into place. I guess it did help that I had some time off of work to focus on it. Today will be my first day back so I will probably be reserving my poetry for the weekends (unless the mood strikes during a week day).

      Thank you John, you saying those words mean a lot to me ♥

      • Rhyming verse is not flavour of the month with the literary set, but if there is no rhythm and no rhyme I do not like it. And it is really hard to do well. And for me, I love it when people do hit it, as you did in this poem. It is so hard to do. And poetry for me, as I suspect for you, is linked always to music, and it always has rhythm….so I love what you are building. The blog itself is beautiful, yours I mean!

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