320 ~ Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

You keep your silence
But I have been wanting your storm
This coldness I feel
Makes me crave for something warm

And like a dragon you sleep
In the caverns of my bones
Taking shelter in this body
Every crevice, every stone

Set fire to this forest
I want to see the glow
Breathe flames of your desire
And melt this heart of snow

What will it take to wake you
To ignite the inferno from within
For you make me ache in places
You haven’t even been

9 thoughts on “320 ~ Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

  1. Some real heavy-hitting lines here, Fairy Tale Girl. Really love: Stanza 1–line #2; Stanza 2–line #2; Stanza 4–end line. The whole poem rocks, but I myself like to know what “gets” the reader,so: whoop. There it is!

  2. Fantasy or reality? Or maybe both!? 🙂
    ‘And like a dragon you sleep
    In the caverns of my bones
    Taking shelter in this body
    Every crevice, every stone’
    I really love those lines! Description of something hiding! 🙂 Very good, I love fantasy telling of the realities of life. I should do more myself, just need to get my fantasy poets head back on, because I’m stuck in reality at the moment!
    Also, I think I need something to melt my heart of snow too! 😀

    • Fantasy for now, in hopes it will spread from the screen and into reality 😦

      Had issues with sleep again last night so I listened to Imagine Dragons, and came up with this poem.

      Can’t wait for you to get your fantasy poet head on. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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