316 ~ Lullaby, help me sleep tonight

If only my pillow
Could collect these dreams
And replay them for you
In a constant stream

For I get lost
In your green hazel eyes
You think you’re not perfect
But my body tells no lies

I miss you here with me
Under these sheets
With my head on your chest
Memories vivid and sweet

This lasting impression
You leave me are deep
Like puddles of rain
That drown me in my sleep

Here in this world I’m awaked with mistakes
But it’s love that keeps fueling me
Fueling me to love you

File written by Adobe Photoshop? 4.0Miles away I can still feel you
Lay your head down on my embrace
Be not afraid to love me

64 thoughts on “316 ~ Lullaby, help me sleep tonight

      • (Pardon the comment-jacking) Good luck! In my experience people can be really ignorant that someone likes them. I usually just try the straight forward approach.

        • Hahaha, you’re right. And he does know how I feel – I am always straight forward with him. The ball is in his court. Whether he does something about it or not is up to him. I on the other hand do not plan on sticking around too long to find out. People have a tendency to take me for granted, and as Geo on here wrote, when it starts to feel like a game, leave the table.

  1. That is a lovely poem….really delicate and lyrical line you have sometimes…love the opening. The song is a beautiful too….not my usual style, but a love song like that….nice – and love the soaring vocal too!
    Agree with LRB83 above…

  2. Really love this poem. It had a good flow to it and nothing seemed forced. (I know whenever I write poetry I end up falling in love with one line and keep it even if it should probably go)

  3. Interesting poem and lovely song by Of Mice & Men, nice post. I’m a fan of Queen and The Skorpions, both bands known for their rock who also sung beautifully gentle ballads.

  4. Hi! Your poem is great and has lovely imagery! 🙂 there is a poem that I can only keep on my blog for a short time hopefully you will get a chance to see it! I was scared to post it but I felt I should do it.

    • Hello 😀

      I see you’ve taken it down. I read it on my phone at work today, and if I were to be honest (and not creepy), I actually wrote it down in the event you did remove it so that I could respond to you when I got home.

      Thank you for writing it. You have a beautiful soul and I find it captivating. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, and I highly doubt anything you share or the things you have endured will change my opinion of you. I find it fascinating that you have such strength.

      You are accepted and I will still be your friend, always ♥

      And if you ever feel that you need to write something down, to get it off your chest but it is too personal to publish here, just know you can always talk to me. Be my pen pal: msxindependent@yahoo.com

      • Thank you! 🙂 my dad saw the poem and had me take it down. I am glad you saw it! Would have left up but I did not want to lose my blog. Thank you so much! I will most definitely write to you 🙂

      • Sorry my e-mail got cut short! My dad walked into the room. My parents mean well but ever since my illness they have gone to extreme lengths to keep it a secret. Even my grandparents don’t know about it!

  5. Ahh – this is a sad one, but really lovely, conveys it all very well – and very elegant too! And the song goes so well with that poem, very gentle and sensual!

    And really lovely picture too – your photographer friends always make you look so lovely! You can tell them from me, they have great talent. I used to take portraits as a hobby in my 20’s, and studied quite a bit of photography, so I know talent when I see it – I hope it helps them get some work maybe? Put it this way, if I lived closer I’d be willing to pay to have mine taken, and that’s coming from someone who hates having her photo taken!! 🙂

    What do you think of what WordPress have done with the likes? I thought it was just mine, but quickly realised that it is everywhere. 🙄 I’m really annoyed, just when we are all getting more likes now, they hide them and make it look like we’ve got hardly any!! I actually got fooled by it earlier on a blog where it only showed 4 of them in a row, I thought that was a bit low, but he actually had 32! And the Gravatars don’t float any more to show what the person says of themselves, have to open every one – I want to complain! 😡 I would if I was paying for it! Some of the photographers get 200-300 likes, and at least you can see instantly how appreciated their blog is at a glance, but now I have to concentrate more to read ‘how many!’ They must be thrilled! Maybe I’m just over fussy here, but you know how some things just annoy you to distraction – well it’s distracting me big time!! 😆

    • Thank you Suzy, I hope it is not too sad. FYI it isn’t about the boy from the last post so… 😀

      It’s funny because his pictures don’t normally turn out like this. He usually shoots with girls that are like car import types. In your face and raunchy. I think I’m the first to be more clothed than the rest of the girls he usually works with. But *shrugs* I only get that naked in the comfort of my own bedroom.

      OMG I HATE IT! I was wondering if it was just mine too, and then you brought it up. It is annoying for both the likes and gravatar issues. 😦

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