313 ~ Cotton Candy Eternity

A kiss is just a kiss
So why do I feel like time unravels
Into pastel hues whenever I see you

The way your tongue dissolves
Like pink sugar crystals when they travel past my lips

How I lose myself in the simple sweet spun confection of your arms
The way the corners of your mouth curl into a smile
Sets my heart spinning l
ike a top
Whose turbulence won’t cease

Knowing that eternity is the space between your lips
And my unwavering need for them


Inspirations for this poem – the movie Inception and this song that I used to listen to over a decade ago. I’m not sure who made the original .gif for this top from the movie because I’ve seen them on different sites, but I got this one off of tumblr.


You will feel you’re blown apart,
all the pieces there will fit
To make you whole and I know where they go 😉

26 thoughts on “313 ~ Cotton Candy Eternity

  1. I love this song – it’s got a great rhythm! 🙂 Almost sounds like something from the 70’s at times, kind of Reggae, but not really! Surprises your brain, I like things that surprise the brain – keeps me awake!! 🙂

    The spinning top and the bit in pink, are they your words or a quote from somewhere – got a little confused now! 😕 Anyway – whichever it is it’s really good!!

    If you want to leave links to an original gif there are quite a lot on Deviantart, could keep you busy a while looking at those! 😀

      • Very cool! Very handy too! My phone is too basic for that, but I don’t use it that much, will probably move on to something more snazzy sometime soon! 🙂

        I had a strong feeling they were your words, but I know you often put other writing in a grey box, so just wondered! I thought the words were really good and they go so well with that tiny spinning top! 😀

    • Aww Mike >_< I am honored, thank you. ♥

      Yes I have, but I don't mind the reminder that people are supporting me on this project and are actually accepting and reading it, this has been a humbling experience so far and it's not even the end of the year yet! ^_^

  2. Goodness, what a great song that was..there is something in the rhythm of some songs where I think the writer must think – that’s it, I’ve got it! Or maybe not. And Suzy word muser, well I better follow her, because she always says things I want to say, only better than I say them….does that mean I am following anyway…well in a way.

    Anyway, it is a lovely song, well fitted to your poem, which as everyone has already said is neat – in fact with that opening line (citing a song, from really olden times – a kiss is just a kiss….I cannot remember the rest of it, As time goes by I think. Whatever, anyway, to launch with such a line, you then take it to that delicate line that Geosans points out – eternity the space between your lips….thanks as ever, love your blog as does everyone else here, dear Britt!

      • Even when I do not like some songs front up, sometimes you leave me with ways into them….I think sometimes it is the way we encounter some music that pulls us in – or puts us off, and you have brought me some interesting new music – still love the sound of Jonna Lee and her Whoami band….

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