309 ~ Lygophobia

I sleep with a night light
Because I am afraid

Afraid of the shadows
Afraid of what the dark conceals
Afraid of something in my room
That can inflict pain from which I cannot heal

I sleep with a night light
Waiting for the dawn

But then I recognized
People can be like that too
And it doesn’t take the cloak
Of nightfall or darkness
For them to materialize

To be able to stand in front of you
To be able to hide their true intention
To be able to not register them as a threat
Of something I’d rather not mention

I slept with a night light on
Until tonight

Tonight the darkness will not hurt me
Tonight the darkness will see me through
Tonight the darkness is not what I’m afraid of
Because the only thing that can hurt me is you

Sad, small, sweet, so delicate
We used to be this dying breed

darkI thought it through
And my worst brings out the best in you

23 thoughts on “309 ~ Lygophobia

  1. I love TBS….not to take away from your work or anything, that was very good…and I’m sorry I didnt realize you could see me in the dark….yeah, yeah bad joke. But seriously Im rather hardcore when it comes to music….but TBS is so high ranked in my heart, It’s the only band I sing AND dance to. The night I had drinks with Adam was like total utopia. Thanks for reminding me of good times, now I’m off to jam out.

    • Hahaha! Oh J. >_<

      I believe you may have mentioned this to me before, and I remember feeling pangs of jealousy over this. When you have some down time, please elaborate and send me details of this story!

      And TBS will always be #1 for me, no matter how much time has passed. So many memories are tied to me hearing their songs.

      • Oh yes, they’re like a guilty pleasure but without the guilt. I’ll send you an email with a sum up of the story when I get the time….I may even write a poem for you or a short metaphorical story…who knows…depends on how much longer my new computer gets delayed.

        All my memories tied to TBS are good ones….even the sad ones, as they built the foundation for the “sensitive” cynical man I am today.

  2. Know that you are never alone, there is one who refreshes and renews you each day, one alone whom will never turn away from you, and your heart is always blessed by knowing that. He will always see you through and make your heart dance again, and take the embrace of sadness from your life! Each day will shine a little brighter just reach out and his embrace will never leave your side…You are always in my prayers for the relief from an aching heart, and the sadness it brings! I send you hugs and smiles because of the light you send my way! Thanks for your visits and may your new day be a wonderful one! God bless my dear sister!

    • Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. I’m surprised that I haven’t completely broken down by now, but I know there is a reason behind all of that. I hope you have a beautiful day Wendell, and that you continue to shine your light on the lives you touch ♥

  3. P.S., your poem shows a lot of emotion and that you will never let yourself be defeated, though tired you are still strong…You are a gifted writer and it shows in what you share…for your heart shines brightly even in pain!

  4. It is true – taking back sunday are a band with real rock rhythm, and you do feel like dancing ….hard to define that. But fear of the dark, o man, I used to be so scared. I think the fears I face these days are linked to that….

  5. Mm… This is really interesting, the fear of the dark, or the fear of certain people? I think fears we all have are always associated to some reality and often it’s not the thing we’re actually fearful of! I’ve got a really bad fear of wasps, and I’ve yet to discover fully why, they are only a little buzzy thing, I’m more powerful than that insect, but yet it terrifies me – makes little sense! I used to be equally as frightened of spiders, but in recent years I’m more of the mind that I don’t like them, instead of being frightened by them. I noticed this fear diminished at the same rate as becoming more confident in life generally, no longer being afraid to say what I thought even if the other person got upset. I would never have believed my fear of spiders was actually a fear of not feeling free enough to be myself, but it appears it was. If I’d had a psychiatrist tell me this, I would have thought they were insane!

    I’ve heard of a lot of people who sleep with a night light, and I do too! And it’s interesting that you have connected the fear of the dark with the fear of hurt from another person, and it is the person who is the source not the dark. I love psychological, philosophical poems!! 🙂 This sounds very personal so don’t reveal anything in a reply that may cause you problems – a smilie will do! 😀

    • I thought in light of all the lovely things I write, that I opt for something a little darker. Everyone has that side to them, I just choose to not let it engulf me.

      Yes, it is very personal so I will leave it with 😀

  6. I wonder who takes all the beautiful pictures of you

    some of them are so beautiful and fit the content so beautifully

    your face is photogenic but anyway most of the pics are beautiful

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