307 ~ Matchbook Romance

Someday I will  be the flame
That lights somebody’s soul
An everlasting flicker to which
Burns brightly on these coals

But in order to do this
I have to find the match
To strike the book of this desire
And for the embers to catch

But this quest has been a challenge
The search has caught me in illusions
Finding love in all the wrong places
Have left me in seclusion

So instead I shall send a message from my heart
Paint the most beautiful portrait for all to see
Shining so bright that the Universe can’t ignore it
And in response, bring love right to me

If you’ll be my star
I’ll be your sky

smile You can hide underneath me
And come out at night

32 thoughts on “307 ~ Matchbook Romance

  1. My goodness what a lovely happy picture of you Britt….typo line 2 (somebody’s, I think) – maybe we will get rid of those wretched marks eventually….
    Anyway I love the idea in the poem…it is hard to run an idea through a poem, and you really do it. And you write such good love lyrics, Britt. And you have chosen a beautiful song….”:stardust to remember you by” – beautiful.
    And for the kindness and the sunshine you bring to me and to so many others I nominate you (feel free just to accept it and not do anything, I know you are working, I know you do not have time) but I could not do other than nominate you for this one. You are sunshine in many people’s days, as I hope you know. Please do answer those questions though….I found them a bit challenging.

    • Whoops! You are correct John. Both spelling are acceptable, I just chose the wrong one 😦 Thank you! ♥

      It is funny how I can do that now – write about love. It was never my forte but I’m glad I switched. I will at some point post old work that I’ve done (maybe) lol.

      Thank you J. It feels nice to always be a part of your thoughts. I will get to answering them at some point, perhaps during the weekend when I can find some down time 😀

      Oh! I ordered these pillows from Australia for my couch, and that made me think of you last night, LOL. Random. But yes, you shall probably see that in a video soon once I get everything set up ^_^

      Luvluv ♥

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  3. In reference to yesterday’s post I think this should be your online dating profile! You state clearly what you’re looking for, what you’ve been through and you do it all with a poem which highlights your talent and love of writing. Then you have a very nice profile photo and also attached is a song that speaks to your love of, and taste in, music! I think a guy who would respond to a dating profile like this would probably be someone who had very good potential and someone you might actually enjoy being around!

      • It’s my pleasure! I myself have never used a dating website before but a very good friend of mine has been on OK Cupid for about two years now and so I’ve seen a few of these profiles. I thought that, given what you said about your past online experiences, doing something creative and original with your profile might actually help weed out the creeps and help match you up with someone who could appreciate your unique talents and originality. A guy that would be interested in you for those reasons is much less likely to be after shallow qualities such as physical appearance and would probably be someone that you could actually connect with on a deeper level, even if it only led to a good friendship! I wish you the best of luck.

        • It may or may not help weed out the creeps, I remember getting sent photos all the time of things I did not want to see and can’t take back. Talked to a friend about that today who is using an online dating site, and he said that women on there complain about this all the time. I guess that is still rampant. But one can still try and believe that it isn’t all sex-driven weirdos on there *sigh* Thank you for the encouragement and well wishes. It sucks that I find more intelligent and well-spoken men on here than I do in my every day life. Wish there was a venue for this in the city, lol. Maybe I should just join a book club or something! ^_^

          • I actually had the same experience when I was on one of those photo sharing apps, several women sent me unwanted photos and so many of the women on there were crazies. I would comment on a photo they posted and another women would see my comment and get jealous even though I didn’t really know either of them. I would also get cyber stalked by women so I finally just did away with all social media except this blog because so far I’ve had only good experiences with WP.

            Like you, I have also met more intelligent and talented women on here than in everyday life and it does suck!! The reason I think this is the case is 1. There isn’t that physical barrier keeping you from approaching someone so its easier to just make conversation with a total stranger. I typically would never just approach a stranger and start talking to them for fear they would think me insane or a total creep haha! 2. The fact that you’re online (this site specifically) means you’re already sharing a common interest in writing, poetry, art or whatever so the dynamic of you’re interactions is already intellectual in nature. I highly doubt sex-driven weirdos would start a blog simply to meet women in order to send them lewd photographs! In everyday life the only social interactions most people have with the opposite sex is at clubs or bars where its sort of inherent that you’re there to find someone. I call them meat markets because its like people selling their bodies to the highest bidder, they get all dressed up and strut around showing themselves off.

            I think your book club idea is actually a really good one!! Its too bad there aren’t more social activities centered around intellectual pursuits. I sometimes go to this coffee shop that does poetry readings, book signings and various other activities relating to literary interests but thats about the only place like that where I live.

            Wow, so sorry for this very long comment haha! I guess I can get carried away sometimes! Anyway you are very welcome for the well wishes and encouragement, take care!

            • I could not stop laughing at the fact that those women would get jealous by comments even though you didn’t know either of them! LOL. Crazies I tell ya. And yes, I don’t have a a Facebook or Myspace or whatever new social networking thing they may currently have out there either:/ But I enjoy WordPress.

              This is very true. But aren’t those dating sites supposed to match you up with people of similar interests? O_o Dating site FAIL. WordPress does a way better job of getting like-minded individuals together. I’m done with meeting people at clubs or bars, they never work out either.

              I can’t believe I didn’t even think about that til last night. I hope they have one in this city, if not, I’m sure there are tons in LA. I used to work in this cafe in downtown LA where they would have Spoken Word nights, but you get a lot of pretentious artsy folks that are more often than not, druggies. They would also host art shows and have live music nights. Too bad that place isn’t available anymore – I checked recently and I think the cafe changed ownership. It is kind of hard meeting people here. In such a crazy city, you find even crazier people.

              Oh no! I am enjoying this discussion:) Thank you for sharing your stories and experiences. It’s conversations like these that make for a more engaging WordPress environment. Take care of yourself as well ^_^

              • Hahaha I couldn’t believe it myself when it happened! I mean I had chatted a few times with one woman in comments back and forth, nothing romantic or personal just friendly and when she saw that I had commented on some other woman’s photo she messaged me very upset asking if there was something going on with her and I! I was so stunned I didn’t even know how to respond so I asked her if she was actually being serious and if so was she taking any kind of medication!! She got very offended but still wouldn’t leave me alone. I often wonder if social media just attracts crazies or if they are normal people in everyday life but because they can hide behind the anonymity of an online profile that they just become crazy?

                I totally agree, WP does do a much better job of getting like-minded people together for the simple reason that nobody is starting a blog in the hopes of finding someone with which they can have a romantic relationship. When you join a dating website there is already that implied understanding that everyone there is looking for romance or some type of romantic connection so that can often overshadow two people just getting to know one another without that underlying pressure of “is this going to go anywhere?” I gave up on clubs and bars as well; I actually never did meet anyone that way as it is. I have always had the most success by just meeting someone through mutual friends but not in a set up scenario, just both hanging out with the same group. Usually it always starts as just a friendship and evolves naturally from there.

                I would imagine L.A. has plenty of places like that but you’re right, so many pretentious people, druggies, and outright crazies haha! I live in DC and it’s really not much different. There are a lot of very vane and shallow people here obsessed with politics, money and power so it’s very hard to meet someone that isn’t A. a lawyer B. a politician or someone working in politics or C. a journalist that is obsessed with politics! Not to mention that most politicians or people working in politics are lawyers and most of the journalists have law degrees. This is not a very art centered city and it is the worst for any kind of music scene. Needless to say but the few first dates I have been on in the last year have not made it to a second one haha. If you couldn’t tell politics is not one of my favorite subjects!

                I am happy that you’re enjoying this discussion because I am as well! You just never know if you will irritate someone by leaving too many long comments or trying to strike up a conversation. I am with you, engaging with people and having good conversations makes WP that much more enjoyable!

                • Yea, I’m not too fond of politics either.

                  As long as it is a respectable conversation, I am all for it 😀

                  I think I’ve only had one bad incident and it wasn’t his fault. He just asked about something I would rather not have talked about because it was a sensitive subject. But it doesn’t change my view of him or anything. Just made me a little uneasy and had nothing to do with my post.

                  And I’m going to have to disagree with you – I once saw a guy blatantly hit on a girl and wrote stuff like sucking her bottom lip or something random and rude, and her boyfriend responded that shut down those advances quick. So I guess there are some creepers on here, LOL. Compliments are not a bad thing, but his comment was repulsive. O_o

  4. That’s a beautiful poem! Definitely remove the illusions, you can see clearly then. I hope you find that match very soon! 🙂 And that song is so sweet – really compliments your poem! 😀

    • Thank you Suzy. One day I shall, and it will all become clear. Whether it is soon or not, I have no qualms. I believe that things happen right when they should, so I’m just going to sit back watch it unfold. 😀

  5. I always change my mind about fate or destiny and my belief in them. Having said that I don’t believe for one second that someone who can write words like that, with such feeling behind them and that has a smile that (even in a black and white photo) could light up a room is even remotely in danger of not finding someone that deserves them 🙂

  6. Once long ago, i decided to stop choosing myself and going around in circles, always ended up being hurt or hurting someone. I gave to God and asked him to choose for me, and i waited patiently puting my faith in Him at the time I said to myself I could not do any worse…i got my gift and you will get yours, let him choose for you and have faith in the one he brings to you and you will know somethng very special. You are a treasure, so do not dismay, and don’t look back smile and move forward your life will change do not rush in, but be patient!

    • As they say, let go and let God. And for the most part I shall. I have already had many good learning experiences so far, and I have faith that when the right time comes, things will fall into place as they should. I am very happy for you Wendell, may many more blessings come your way. ♥

  7. I am slowly learning my way around your blog and enjoying myself in your words. You write with an entirely different perspective than mine, which is only normal considering … but I find your poetry engaging and refreshing. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • I am doing the same. We definitely have a different style of writing and point of view, but that is what makes these blogs so wonderful and unique. Seeing the different ways poetry can play out is inspiring and taps on the box of our creativity. Looking forward to reading more from you as well.

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