304 ~ Teleport

You are miles away
But constantly in my head
What I wouldn’t give to have you
Right next to me in bed

For these sheets are cold
And you are missed
The warmth of your body
Your embrace, your kiss

Your fingers are like poetry
The words seep into my skin
Love letters etched and softly traced
A prerequisite for breathing to begin

So tonight as I lay my body down
I shall press replay on this fantasy
Believing if I think about it often enough
One day you will teleport to me

You called out to me through the light,
I know you must be close
miss youThe moment when I realize it’s all in my mind,
the moment I hate the most

42 thoughts on “304 ~ Teleport

    • Aww, that’s tough. The last one I had was long distance so I know how it is. Started out as a weekend thing, then became like once a month. We tried to bridge the gap by moving in together but to no avail.

  1. I know the song fits, but what a great song….never heard this before….nice poem too. People are, as prince above says, doing the long distance thing more and more….lots of reasons for it, I think. And that is a sweet poem!

    • Thank you 🙂

      Speaking of photos, I like the change in your gravatar. Yesterday I was like…who is that? The name sounds familiar but I don’t recognize the thumbnail picture. The backdrop is beautiful, and I remember the snow covered bridge ^_^

  2. You really captured that feeling of longing one gets when the person they love is far far away, excellent poem! I’ve done the long distance thing more times than I’d like to admit so I immediately related to this.

    • They are never fun, but could be worth it. A co-worker told me a few days ago that he wants a girl close by, and I told him that would narrow his search quite drastically. I guess some people can’t do it. I wouldn’t mind if I had to again. The missing them part is terrible, but I’m accustomed to living on my own now so I wouldn’t mind it being a weekend thing temporarily. Plus it’s fun using other ways of bonding – skype, sending love letters, etc.

      • Oh I completely agree with you! Im not totally against it but having had a few I know that if they live too far away to visit fairly often then eventually its not going to work. The amount of time someone is willing to wait to see the other is also different for every person so its probably good for both to set some maximum number of days they wont go over without seeing each other!

        • Communication is everything 🙂 You’ve got a pretty solid head on your shoulders with this whole relationship thing.

          And yes, setting a max number of days is key. So is finding new and exciting ways to keep in touch and keeping that relationship alive. It’s nice seeing your significant other, but it is also very important to have some time for yourself. ^_^

          • Well I was married for 8 years so I know whats at the end of the dating rainbow, for me there was no pot of gold though. I guess when you’ve spent a lot of time with someone and lived with them you really learn what’s important and what’s not as far as things you want in another person. Knowing all the things you don’t want really helps to make better decisions in the future instead of having a list of things you do want!

            I couldn’t agree more about needing time to yourself, I think this is why a lot of relationships fail or become routine. You spend so much time around the same person, especially living together, that you start to irritate one another and thats when the passion can sneak out the backdoor! Couples that have seperate groups of friends and different hobbies or interests that they participate in seperately always seem to be much happier than those who do not.

            • Ah, so you have the life experience to back that up as well. That’s an interesting point about knowing the things you don’t really want – that is so true.

              When I was a lot younger, I used to be obsessive and controlling in relationships. I wanted me and my significant other to be secluded away from the rest of the world but that tore us apart and taught me a valuable lesson. A relationship is a wonderful thing to have, but it shouldn’t be everything. To think so is relationship suicide.

              • Experience is, by far, the greatest teacher of all! I think as we get older our priorities change too, so things we used to think were important no longer have such a big impact on our decisions as they once did!

  3. It’s funny how someone can be miles away and constantly in your head, I’ve had that a long time ago, it’s kind of annoying after a while though, but perhaps it depends how much you miss them, maybe I didn’t miss them enough! 🙂

    Teleportation! How Dr Who is that, and Star Trek too! I was just thinking of the reality of teleporting, just imagining someone arriving by teleportation in your bedsheets! 🙂 I suppose it could be convenient sometimes! But if anyone could do it, you could end up with mailman with your letters for the day teleporting into the bedroom and handing your mail to you. I’ve got an electric meter in a cupboard in my bedroom, and I can just imagine having a lie-in one morning and the meterman arriving like Mr Spock in my bedroom to read that damn annoying meter! 😀

    • Hahaha yes! Perhaps you did not miss them enough.

      Hmm… never thought of it like that. I think to remedy this, one would have to accept the intent of teleportation into ones bedroom. Otherwise, everyone could do that, and that simply cannot happen. I’d be at work, and some thief could teleport, then all my belongings would disappear by the time I got home! >_<

      Having an electric meter in your cupboard in your bedroom is odd. I have never heard that before. They are usually in a locked metal box outside of the residence here.

      • I have a gas meter outside in a box, but the electric meter is still inside at the moment. A lot of houses in Britain still have meters inside, often somewhere in the kitchen. The place where I live is a converted house made into two flats, and my bedroom is the first room nearest the front door, no room in the hallway for it (imagine a very small place!) All new homes have to fit the meters on the outside in a cupboard on the wall now, which is much more sensible! The house I live in is over a hundred years old, and probably didn’t have electric when it was new, as it was built for civil servants and their families to be housed in. Very Victorian, very quirky – but I like quirky, it suits me well! 😀

    • I absolutely love your stories. I think my favorite would be the black puff moon flower, because for a moment there, I wanted one really bad just so I could have glow paste. But then I realized it didn’t exist and got sad, hahaha. You have a wonderful imagination and it’s nice to unwind and read them *hugs*

  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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