298 ~ Never Never Land

You are miles from my heart
And I can’t hear it beating
Unless I’m wrapped in your arms
Half-alive and barely breathing

So fly away with me
I’ll create a world for us two
Where nothing else matters
A safe haven for me and you

A space between two heartbeats
Where we could play all day
Let happiness run rampant
Keep the sadness at bay

But they’re not the playgrounds
I want to explore
So open up your heart
And I shall show you more

In this sandbox of bodies
Where fingers are game
Is where I’ll get your lips
To speak my name

17 and runnin’ up the stairs, my baby bear
7 lonely hours that I’ve been without a shower
Until you and I meet in the bathroom with the water on
Steamin’ up the room with little but a towel on

hallowseveAnd you are my high
And you are my high just like
Even fairy tale characters would be jealous

38 thoughts on “298 ~ Never Never Land

    • I have been slacking on the poetry and was inspired to write this, this very morning. I was unwrapping boxes for the decorations for my living room. Dropped everything and ran to the computer, haha.

  1. Today i did not nominate you because you already have been nominated
    for this award by Wendell am I right if not than tell me please

    • Thank you so much. And that’s ok, I tend to use that word often too and associate it with beautiful = something so awesome I’m trying to find words to describe it but I can’t so beautiful will have to do. ^_^ haha

  2. Never Never Land – a lovely poem! And I love the bit about wanting happiness to run rampant! 🙂 It would be great if we could just go somewhere fantasy like for a little while just to recharge our mental batteries from this slightly annoying world we are all in, but if we could, we probably wouldn’t want to come back! I’m sure I went to Never Land once wearing a blue nightdress… 😆

    That song ends up sounding like a Nintendo game near the end, or something like that – a catchy little jingle! Is that in the original song or is it really a Nintendo mash up!

    That’s a lovely picture Brit! Have you turned into a bunny girl for a moment there? Or is it a lovely bow in your hair? 😀

    • It would be. Decorating my living room was the inspiration for this post. I want to create a place of whimsy where I can escape for a bit. And yes! You did my beautiful Wendy ^_^

      This is the original song. Isn’t that neat! 😀

      Thank you. They’re actually kitty ears >_< It's a leopard/kitty costume. Comes with a tail, choker with bells, and ears, haha. Love playing dress up! I used to want to grow up fast when I was younger, but now that I am grown, I like to take some time to just be a kid and dress in costumes and not worry about much else.

      • I thought they might be ears, but cats ears – that makes sense, they do look kitty like now that you’ve pointed that out! You’ll have to take another picture that includes the tail! 🙂

        I used to love dressing up when I was little, pretended to be all sorts of characters, and obviously in that drama group did it in another way all over again! I don’t ever think about dressing up now, because the places I go and the people I meet it would seem a bit odd if I started dressing in a more character like way. But maybe that’s one of those things I need to find again, the sort of thing I was talking about in the Lost Girl poem – never mind the Wendy House, I need a dressing up box!!!

        I actually saw an old lady a couple of years ago (at least 80 years old) all dressed up in very – well, sexy clothes, that a young woman in her twenties would wear, complete with thigh high patent leather boots!! 😯 And she was struggling to walk in them a bit, at least she picked some with flat heals! It looked very funny – very odd indeed, but later I thought – actually, she may have spent her whole life never dressing in clothes that she really wanted to, and maybe she finally decided to have some fun before she popped off this planet. She certainly looked like she was enjoying life more than I was at the time anyway! 😆

        • They look more like bunny ears on account of how big and floppy they are. 😦 haha

          My mother would always tell me, “don’t be like grandma. She never had a chance to dress young while growing up, so now that she’s old, she keeps dressing too young for her age. Trying to live the youth that she’s lost.” So I am going to take advantage of that now.

          As for people that wear things outside their age zone, I say more power to them! ^_^ We only get to live life once, so live it the way you want to (as long as you are not hurting any one) with no boundaries or restrictions. 😀

  3. You always weave a breathtaking love song with your heart’s words…so beautifully done…they touch and leave breathless moments always! Very beautifully done ‘B’.

  4. Love the opening, and the pic is pretty confronting…good to see is is more a trick of light and you were just doing dress ups…kitty indeed.

    Love reading all the comments…Suzy in particular….but I am so after the fact, I might leave it at that!

  5. This resonates with me. I’m particularly fond of the song “The Second Star To The Right” and it’s associated with a significant relationship for me. Excellent poem! Keep writing! 🙂

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