295 ~ the Perfection of Time

As I stare at the clock
With it’s missing hand
Time is frozen in somber
Silence I can’t withstand

For this device won’t work
With only one marker
But the days fly by
And the nights get darker

So I wait for the hour
I wait for the sound
Patiently waiting
For love to be found

As I lie here awake
I do not despair
This magnet of attraction
Will draw you there

And for once in your life
It will finally make sense
What you have been searching for
A love so immense

When the tick and the tock
Of your hand of time
Finally beats in tune
To this heart of mine


Inspiration for this poem, this post by Anthonywlv.

Say won’t you say
Say that you love me

blackandwhite copyWith love, ever love, love everlasting
All my devotion put into motion by you

65 thoughts on “295 ~ the Perfection of Time

  1. Glad I could help! Lovely poem, I struggled to put what I wanted to say in that post in poetic verse so I opted for prose instead. But you’ve done a great job at it! 🙂

    • There was just something in your words, in your thoughts that pulled this one through. I was going to initially post something random last night since I was tired and uninspired, but when I saw your post, I couldn’t help but reflect upon what you said. The whole prose was impressive, but this part left a lasting impression:

      “Ever wondered why there are two hands on a clock face? Only when there are two can you tell exactly where you both are at that precise point in the relationship.”

      So for that, I thank you.

      • My absolute pleasure! I love your work, so I’m super happy to have played a small part in it! 🙂

  2. Ah such a sweetheart Britt – the song I mean….and, well, time and love…the clock….wish I had thought of it that way – you always find a good way with love (though a bit of me, mean me, asks, don’t let too many hours go by, no, not too many!) xx

  3. Nice way to use a simple metaphor with a fresh new twist, the rhythm of your lines I think actually helps convey the passing of time also, steady, moving towards something. And I loved the song video too — have not heard Jennifer Knapp since her first CD (yeah I am ummm old) Great writing as always!

    • Thank you. I was shooting for a rhythmic beat, reminiscent of the ticking of a clock and of my heart beat so I’m glad that reflected in my poem. I had this very CD (Jennifer Knapp the Collection) from almost a decade ago. I know it’s around my apt somewhere, which reminds me, I should go looking for it! 😀

    • Thank you. I think you are rare in knowing the correct terminology. People have referenced wolf/spider/vampire, but it is snake ♥

      Speaking of which, it is the year of the Snake ^_^

      • Makes me want to go back a couple years and get them. 🙂
        I was really into piercings back a few years ago…
        Until I had to start going to parent/teacher conferences.
        I live in a more affluent school district and I got enough looks, where it was just easier to take them out and ignore the bitchy moms…it was always the married women. Interesting.
        Deserves a poem.

        • I think they are more acceptable now than when I first initially got them when I was 18. Took them out because my workplace frowned upon it (I worked at a bank).

          When I got them re-pierced a few years later, I didn’t get so many means stares – especially from women. Why are females so rude to each other? :/ But I did have clear ones in when I went for an interview at my current job. Been there for five years now, and people just got used to them.

          Definitely deserves a poem 😛

  4. This reminds me of the opening words of my epic poem
    The Expanding Universe:
    No device devised human or otherwise could have clocked the time it took for me to drop out in the lot……
    I really like your stuff.

  5. That’s a nice poem. I like the music, too. I like to come here every day and listen to the music you’ve posted. Hope you’re doin’ well.

    • My love for music spans beyond the current popular tunes on the radio today. I’m just glad they’re still somewhat available on YouTube so I can share them here 😀

  6. Beautiful.
    A stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day.
    This, I think, is irrelevant to the sentiment of the poem, but a fact that I like sharing.
    It may be meaningful on considerable late night reflection.

  7. I wish it were my own but it’s just some cod-philosophy from a character in a movie that I like. The power of context. Character says it – profound and tragi-comic. I write it… who knows.
    Ooh, another thing! Two in one day. So much depth. :).

  8. The really strange thing about time, or time as we know it in terms of a clock, it feels so real, but it’s a man made invention. I wonder what life would have been like so many years ago, before the invention of minutes and hours, and even calendars? If we didn’t have them, we would have far less of a reality of just how much time has passed. Hard to say which life is better, I suppose they both have their advantages and disadvantages! It’s a bit like money too, that didn’t exist at one time either and yet we can’t live without any of these things, as though they are as essential as air – but they really can’t be, just appear to be essential!
    Well that was my random thought for the day!!! 🙂

    Your poem was really lovely, and I loved the rhythm in it – very perfect! 🙂 So you need someone who has a tick and tock that matches your own! When you meet them, you will know, because you won’t notice or hear their tick, because it will most definitely match your own! When we notice another persons tick, means that they are slightly out of line with ours – could become annoying after a while! 🙂

    I really like that song! I’ve never heard of Jennifer Knapp. Thanks for that, I shall look more of hers songs up on You Tube! 😀

    • Time may be a man made invention, but I’m sure we all know that such a thing is limited. We are all born to die, and the things we do in between that invention is what counts. 😀 And with all these creative minds floating around, I’m sure someone at some point would have caught on to that notion sooner or later.

      Yes! Someone who’s heart beats and races and pauses to that of my own. I’m not even sure if that’s possible. But on the car ride to dinner one night, I saw this couple walking on the sidewalk in perfect rhythm. It was mesmerizing. They were sharing headphones and each right foot, left foot, was in synch to the beat of whatever song they were listening to. It was beautiful, to say the least.

      Not sure if JK is still making music, but you can find older songs of hers. I have yet to find my CD, but I know it’s around here somewhere…

  9. Thanks for stopping by my space and ‘liking’ a couple of my poems of late….I truly love your passion and your maddening heart….so evident in your poetry….very nice! My best to you…….tom

    • Hello Tom 🙂

      I am enjoying WordPress and reading/seeing all the ideas, crafts, and thoughts that flow from other people. I also think it is important to let the publisher know that what I find is mentally stimulating. As much as we blog for ourselves, it is also nice to know that others can relate or appreciate what we post because honestly, we don’t have to do it. To share our ideas and point of views.

      Thank you for your kinds words, and I look forward to reading more from you soon.


  10. This is amazing. That last stanza, in particular, perfectly encapsulates our yearning for harmony with another – sometimes the wait is frustrating, but it’s inspiring how you’ve accepted it with such grace, with such faith in its inevitability.

  11. I couldn`t find a word that describes why I like your poetry. Then I found it. CLEAN. Your style is so clean. I am not referring to content. Your writing is like watching a martial artist ply their trade. No wasted movement.

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