294 ~ Randomisty

Since I am unsure of the time I shall be getting home from work tonight (Wednesday hours are always unknown), I am just going to give updates on previous posts.

The first: Online Dating. I never got to finish my profile last Sunday. Spent most of it helping Jp finish hers because that was more important. She got to question 100 and something (she obviously wants this more than I do). It’s so cute when she tells me at work, “Boo! We got a message!” as if we were one in the same and the guy(s) were messaging both of us. Wow. The literacy level has sure gone down in the minds of these men. I told her yesterday that I wish that OkCupid was more like WordPress. The men on here are definitely more intelligent, to which she simply replied, “that’s why they’re not on this site.” God I love her.

The second: Never Never Land. I got my lamp shipment yesterday. The instructions were worse than Ikea’s. My hands are raw and red from assembly, but the lamp is gorgeous. It has a trigger for a built in night light. How cute is that? In regards to the decal on the wall… don’t even get me started. It was a nightmare last Sunday and my heart nearly broke when the vinyl collapsed on itself. Like that terrible saran wrap – never sticking to where it should. I had to piece this together in reverse, but it came out all right. Oh, and I also put up the mirror I purchased a year ago. ♥


The song for this Hump Day – Teasing to Please by Cute is What We Aim For. If you do not know what Hump Day means, it’s just a term for Wednesday; the middle of the work week. Just in case you were thinking of something else. ^_^

~ Britt

34 thoughts on “294 ~ Randomisty

  1. I feel like I write at an okay level, but have you ever read letter soldiers wrote in the civil war? The guy could have been a farmer that never left the same town before then and go on like Shakespeare.

    • I believe most people who learned to write in the early 19th Century could probably write pretty well, no matter their background. As school became mandatory and everyone had to learn to write, I think the quality of writing started to vary greatly. I have a collection of letters my Grandfather wrote to his mother during World War I. My Grandfather was a farm boy, and he wrote like a farm boy. The letters are difficult to read because the writing is so poor. Whenever they become more interesting with details about military activities, especially combat, all the dates, places and many of the sentences that probably described the action are blacked out — censored by the Army.

      • What interesting thoughts you both have. Prince, I have never read letters soldiers have written home, but I shall find some on the internet tonight to see what it is you are speaking of.

        I do see a decline nowadays in written conversations. I don’t mind the occasional LOL or whatnot, bUt wHEn PeOple WriTe liKe diS tO You… I can’t stand it! And whatever happened to, “hello.” Now you get, “Whaz up bby gurl?”


        Interesting background story Tim, I agree. I believe there is a difference now because we are subjected to mandatory education so therefore people should be more educated in their speech comprehension. Or at least be more formidable when trying to pick up a date :/

  2. When guys ask me how to meet girls, I tell them “learn to dance!” For some reason it doesn’t seem to go make much sense telling women to learn to dance. I know a few smart guys who are having trouble finding smart women, but I think I know more smart women having trouble finding smart, reliable men.

    Wonderful lamp, and I love the tree on the wall.

  3. Hey, I used to have an account on okcupid, there I met my ex-girlfriend …

    I have dissabled my account some months ago … but it still exist.

    Your living room looks awesome !!!

    • I’m just being a pessimist. I’m sure they’re not all terrible, but with my busy schedule, I think I am secretly coming up with reasons not to go through with it.

      And thank you Leo 🙂

  4. Wow – that tree looks great! Hope it doesn’t collapse again. How annoying, that always happens when you find something you really love, there will always be something wrong with it! Maybe you can secure it with some super-glue or no-nails? Mm… it might have to be there forever after that! 😦

    100 questions, you must have both been exhausted! I don’t think I’d have had the patience for that even 20 years ago – definitely wouldn’t now! 🙂

    Your lamp looks lovely! How neat, to have a night light! 🙂 Your mirror reminds me of a mirror my mum and dad had in their hallway, it was a different material and was gold in colour. I have a picture of myself taking a picture of myself with my new camera, I think I was about 21. I always feel those mirrors in that shape and design are the special ones that give you the answer, when asked who is the fairest of them all!!

    Hump Day! I’ve never heard of that phrase before!! Why does it mean Wednesday? Well, that’s my little bit of knowledge for the day, very amusing, I’ll remember that if I want to say Wednesday, but say it in code! I’ll just call it hump day and everyone will think I’m being strangely erotic or something like that! 😆

    By the way, on Growl Tigger’s Blog, he is putting up a post tonight with a link to mine. Just thought I’d mention it – the ending may well make you smile! 😀

    • It won’t now that it’s up. It collapsed on itself when it was still on the transfer sheet >_<

      Jp did on Sunday ^_^. Though in all honesty, I did finish it tonight before coming on WP. And I did answer 100 questions myself, even though there are thousands.

      It is a whimsical mirror and I love it! Reminds me of that as well 😀

      Wednesday – over the hump of the week I guess?

      Uuu… How interesting, I will definitely have to see that.

  5. Funny you chose to share an OKC experience here! I have been off and on there for a few years and have answered the 4500 or so questions several times and it is so funny I felt as you! I wish it was more like word press there are so many more intelligent women on here than there… Just sayin! You have great taste and your home is coming along beautifully!

    • They have just so many questions! And I noticed a lot are related to marijuana and sex. Very strange. But I did complete some questions tonight and even posted a picture. Gotta start somewhere I guess 🙂 And thank you!

  6. some of these sites have shills or bots that just send out form letters to you. They can have fake profiles with people who look like models and aren’t even on the site. Hi I’m Mandy! Hi I’m Candy! Hi I’m Brandy! well at least they can rhyme. *L* Believe nothing of what you see and take what you hear or read with a grain of salt – you know about the size of a cow lick block of salt! Good luck!

  7. So you are on OKcupid too (just from the comments above) – actually, idiot that I am, I had never heard of it till reading your post here. 100 things. My goodness, that makes the blogger awards seem like a walk in the park….you should definitely only need 10 things. Some joker added a zero.

    Yes I love your lounge….nice and urbane. As for wp men, nice to know we are more literate than…those other guys, who also it seems are here. Venn diagram…intersecting sets. Anyway, maybe the two spaces produce different ways of speaking and writing….I don’t know. Anyway, I would be useless at dating, and thank goodness I do not need to do that. Actually I never did that because I never knew how.

    Well Suzy the muse said most of what I would like to have said. It was good of you to clarify that the humps were not the ones in that song from Fergie, my lovely lady lumps etc, but the bump in the middle of the M2F working week, with M being Monday of course, and F being friday. Raving on as usual. The main thing is something I did not yet say – missed you.

  8. Hi I just found out about

    Schizophrenia Awareness Day – May 24th

    The idea is to wear purple to show your support. Not allowed to post this on my blog due to parents but I am going to try and spread the word anyways!

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