291 ~ Haunted

When we made love
And learned to give
Like wildfire in our lungs
It will breathe and live

As the years passed
We watched it grow
Your love taught me
All I needed to know

I remember the lessons
The color of your eyes
Feel your lips from the kiss
That sealed our last goodbyes

Drifting past the bedroom
The scent of you still flow
So I press your pillow to my heart
And I will never let it go

Oh I am what I am
I’ll do what I want
But I can’t hide

hauntedI won’t go
I won’t sleep
I can’t breathe
Until you’re resting here with me

49 thoughts on “291 ~ Haunted

  1. Haunted – a lovely poem! 🙂 And those words could if you wanted to,could be applied in a way to a lot of relationships and different kinds of endings, could be a death as well. The scent of another is a very powerful memory trigger, for good or bad! And I love the video! It’s strange – I never liked that song much at the time, but watching it with that lovely animated video, that really works, makes it so much better for me! 🙂

    I’m hoping to put up a poem with a similar theme some time soon, inspired by a video strangely, with some ghost like figures too! A bit like your animated one here, but in this one there are real people mixed in too. When I went looking for a picture for it, I found LOADS of ‘ghost clinging to human’ pictures – I wondered if it was Being Human that has made that really popular! Talking of which I’ve just finished watching the very last series of Being Human, it was still very entertaining, and had some pretty gory bits in it, for those who love all that stuff! I like the deeper meaning in the story. But I think the story needed to come to an end, those series can drag on too long, and spoil the original brilliance of it all. It has an interesting end, leaves you with a good feeling anyway. Have you seen any of it yet, just thinking, it may not be available to you yet?

    My brother, Mr Growl Tigger (otherwise known as Paul!) did get hold of a copy of The Black Butler for me! I’ve just got to find the time to watch it now!!! 😀

    • I was thinking that it could be applied to other things as well! I remember having a conversation with another blogger on here about how he left his poem more vague in order for the reader to be able to apply it to whatever situation they may be in. Poems themselves tend to leave the words open for interpretation anyhow.

      Sense of smell is VERY important to me. Probably pheromones, but I like cologne or natural body scent (if they have good hygiene). Strange I’m sure but it’s an intimate thing.

      I have seen the show in its’ entirety. It was on NetFlix and my dad acquired some CD’s. This was last year I think? It does have an interesting ending, but I do believe the show dragged on a little bit longer than necessary. :/ Maybe it is my short attention span but closer towards the end I started to lose interest >_<

      Omg, yay! Go Paul! haha. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't then well, there is always the Stop button ^_^

  2. Hmm…might give the pheromones a swerve as they say here….maybe too much sun to find that sexy at all.

    But nice poem, and beautiful song. Dido, great choice of name, I used the figure in a poem earlier…another story. Love the layered sound. I don’t always like these ballad love songs, but this is really lovely.

    • Really John? Hmm, well a boy can walk by me at the mall or something, and if his scent catches me, I turn around. It just does something to me >_< And I normally ignore people when I'm out.

      You like very few love ballads I know, we are opposites when it comes to that ^_^

      • We cannot be the same in everything….apparently pheromones don’t smell very nice. I do like the scent of some perfumes though….

  3. I just love it ! You really convey the heartache of missing someone. Keep up the good work and I appreciate that you continue to read my work, as well. You are a very talented and impressive young lady. :)…. JEFF

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