288 ~ Show & Tell

We all have scars
We all have stories
So show me yours
In all its’ glory

You stitch them up
And let them heal
Invisible or not
You know they’re real

From broken hearts
To shattered dreams
Unkept promises
That can’t be redeemed

Road maps of pain
Tattooed on your heart
Are badges of honor
A beautiful art

Expose all the horrors
Divulge all your fears
Display all the awful things
That bring you to tears

Perfection is ugly
It is boring at best
Show me what plagues you
Rip it out from your chest


I believe the song below is actually two songs put together and references a line of an E.E. Cummings poem, “nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.” Such a sad but beautiful song.

Good night my lovelies, and dream sweet.

~ Britt

I think I saw you in my sleep, lover,
I think I saw you in my dreams you were

Just_a_bite_by_AraDollsStitching up the seams on every mangled promise
That your body couldn’t keep

Photo Credit: AraDolls

53 thoughts on “288 ~ Show & Tell

  1. scars, the visible proof that we’ve been hurt, physically, emotionally, spiritually … such an eloquent poem! “Perfection is ugly” not to mention a royal pain in the (DONKEY) oh sorry, Shrek moment …

  2. It is scary to share the parts of who we are, to show all of who we are. Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth it. It is a lovely poem though. Thanks Britt!

  3. The scars are proof we have lived and tested life. In time. The scars become evident of a life lived. I enjoyed the thoughts and the reason for the poem. A excellent poem.

  4. Goodness, what a song…intense… Fantastic…glad I visited – never heard that one before. What a vocal. Reminds me of so many singers, but as if on the edge of sanity itself.

      • Funny to be online at the same time….it does not happen often to us Britt. I send you a good night hug and kiss. x

          • You too Britt…God, I have to go to work every day this week…..so not fired up….and the champagne does not help, not a bit. Well, it does at first, but not later, and not the next morning….not then

  5. The contrast in the song really worked with the poem and i totally agree that it seems to be 2 songs.

    “Invisible or not you know they are real” oh so true, something maybe hiding and shielded from view but the person always knows what they are hiding and why they are hiding it. Those hidden hurts often make a person who they are πŸ™‚ as always loved it

    • When I first heard the song it was like a minute long. Then I looked it up on YouTube and saw this one with a longer song title, and figured they stitched the two together since they were a contrast to one another.

      Some people like to hide them because they’re ashamed, but I think scars are beautiful – a well fought battle.

  6. It’s very interesting you should put this poem up today, because I was looking up some of my bookmarked You Tube videos yesterday evening and added some more videos to the ‘Inspiring’ page. It’s a woman called Brene Brown she does a lot of talks on research she has done about vulnerability and also shame. She mentioned about how vulnerability is something we all have, and we shouldn’t see it as the negative, but positive. We need it in order to open up and connect with others. And denying we are vulnerable can cause us to be cut off from connecting, being isolated from the need to see we are all the same.

    ‘Expose all the horrors
    Divulge all your fears
    Display all the awful things
    That bring you to tears

    Perfection is ugly
    It is boring at best
    Show me what plagues you
    Rip it out from your chest’

    And these wonderful verses really made me think of what she was talking of. Exposing all those things we would prefer to hide! So there’s another coincidence, but a different kind of one today! And we do all have scars and stories to tell. In a way, it’s sort of what blogs are about, sharing pieces of our lives and thoughts and pains. Not sure that is what you had in mind when you wrote this, but that’s what I’m thinking of. All the bloggers showing their road maps of pain – and joy sometimes too! πŸ™‚

    As you are a deep thinker Brit you might (when you have some spare time!) want to take a quick look at her videos, to see if she is talking your kind of language. If she’s not, then don’t waste time watching them, there’s no point in trying to connect to something you can’t relate to. I put them on there mainly because I have a friend and a cousin who I think will be interested to see them, saves me writing emails with links, they can visit it any time they want to, and so can I!

    That’s a very powerful song – really good, I like it! And also it reminds me of something from my teenage years in the 80’s, not in it’s meaning, but the sound. Annoying thing is I can’t remember what it is, too many years, and too many memories of songs, they all turn to mash ups in your head in the end! πŸ˜€

    • As always Suzy, you know me too well. It was based on the blogs here, one in particular that I read yesterday, but I wasn’t sure if I could name them here for privacy reasons. It is interesting to see how people open and up put into their own words their hurts, fears, dysfunctions, disorders… so chaotic but so soothing. In a world surrounded by people full of pride, it is nice to see people open up here, the joys as well πŸ™‚

      Uuu, I am very interested. I shall have to check your ‘Inspiring’ page and bookmark the videos to watch this upcoming weekend. Work has been so draining lately, and the hours are getting longer so I’m afraid that I won’t even have time to post. But I did make a resolution to post once a day, so I’ll see what my mind stirs up tonight after I make dinner.

      It isn’t what I normally listen to, but there was just something about it that caught my attention…. and then I couldn’t stop listening to it along with the song Sleep by Lisa Gerrard that you posted.

      Let’s see what our twin minds think of next! β™₯

  7. your lrics are the perfect balance between the darkest images and the lightest. I have come to embrace my scars visible and hidden because I am a survivor. thank you

  8. Pain is a violent muscle: blood, an angry drug. Memories of pain? – yes, you must cut deep, rip quickly. Your words are ripples bubbling from a raging passion. And it has, indeed, been my pleasure to visit your blog.

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