287 ~ Lion Taming 101

Hello, Mr. Lion
I see you in your den
Why don’t you come out and play with me?
I’ll show you where to begin

No, I don’t fear your claws
Nor do I fear your size
My lips are made for your skin to graze
So are the space between my thighs

I’ve got my whips
And I’ve got a chain
If you get out of line
I can show you pain

So be forewarned my lovely
Be gentle and be nice
Just because I’m little
Don’t think I won’t think twice

You roar at me dear Lion
But it’ll be me who settles the score
I’ll turn your harsh, loud brazenness
Into a soft purr begging for more


I just wanna break you down so badly
Well I trip over everything you say
dirtI just wanna break you down so badly
In the worst way

47 thoughts on “287 ~ Lion Taming 101

    • I wanted to post something fun for Wednesday. Ugh. Going to hate work tomorrow, and my brain is kinda numb from working earlier today so I wasn’t sure what I was going to post tonight. Glad it brought a smile to your face though 🙂

  1. I wasn’t impressed, after all, I am the KING of the Jungle, you can’t talk to me that way, just who do you think you are little girl …. cut to scene two …. lion totally lying on its back, paws playfully curling in the air, purring loudly … with one eye on the whip, just in case … and why is she smiling like that? That smug, I told you so look? Oh nevermind, it was an awesome read!!

  2. And well, Britt, you know, you absolutely know it is me who needs a flogging. I feel as if those lines are almost for me….and the song as well. I have had TBS in the car as I drive and drive endlessly to and from work,,,,my god, I cannot take it. The drive that is. Yes, of course you can whip me, but I suspect I would not be the only one. I am not a lion though. Maybe you are.

    • I figured if no one else liked this piece, I knew for damn sure you would 😀 That sucks about the long drives to and from work :/ Never whipped anyone before, physically, I don’t think but I sure can learn! haha. And no, not a lioness, just a small kitty cat >_<

      • And so cute too….whipping someone is not hard, if you can keep a straight face. It cracks me up, I must admit. I even laugh when a leather clad dominatrix whips me…it unnerves them a little sometimes.

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  4. nicely done here. some fun with it, but yet does send it’s message of don’t mess with me. I had a lion piece too, but had it only on facebook then took it down. it was very harsh like a few that you have seen.

  5. Haha! 😆 Taming Mr Lion! I love that – and I can believe you would, so would I!!! Good attitude to have in life, anything other way and the lions seek you out as prey – at least that’s my experience anyway! Oh God that rhymes!! Why is it when you are looking for a great rhyme you can’t find one, but when your writing something where you want no rhymes, they just crop up in bunches! You wouldn’t believe how many perfect rhymes I have to weed out of my non rhyming poems! That’s life – always get what you don’t want in abundance! 😀

    I hope they are not working you too hard at work Brit? You are quite amazing posting daily like this! I got near to burn out a little while ago, couldn’t keep that pace up forever. But enjoying it more now!

    And as always, you look lovely in that photograph! You are going to have a lot of pictures to look back on one day! I wish I had more pictures of myself when younger, but did the silly thing – shy away from the camera, because I didn’t like pictures of myself – silly girl I was! 😀

    • I believe you would in heartbeat 😉

      And tell me about the rhyming thing. Sometimes I try to so hard to make my poems rhyme, and then when I comment to people, the rhymes start to flow. Haha, and yes, that is life giving you what you don’t want in abundance.

      Too many hours, my brain feels like mush tonight. Pure mush. And I’ve been struggling with the writing portion because of feeling so drained. So tomorrow’s post will probably be me not writing anything but playing tag. Yet I don’t know who to tag for the post that John presented me with. So I might not even do it. *sigh*

      Thank you Suzy. You should have, you were very pretty – most likely still are, but I can’t say that because I haven’t seen a recent photo yet ^_^. I think it’s just easier now with all this technology and with my friends with their fancy cameras. I’m going to change that up thought soon. I’m probably just going to post up pictures of DOD’s – Dream of Dolls, similar to the one I posted in Show & Tell. They’re the only dolls that don’t scare me and I find them beautiful. Have always tried to mimic their style so it’s not a far stretch from my photos. We shall see…

  6. Fantastic poem. I loved this one. Something tells me you are a great lion tamer…. Good work.

  7. O Britt….have a night off….and just tell me some things about yourself….I reblogged your stanza with me in it…sorry. I came twice here for a new one, and well, I have settled for the “old” one…lol. We are too hard on ourselves…what Suzy says is right…..have a night off, a lion tamer poem counted for two nights!

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