283 ~ Tangled

You take your needle
And weave me in
Soft bodies entwine
The fabrics of skin

Gaze into my eyes
As you thread the hole
Undulations of bliss
Knitting our two souls

The loom of ecstasy
Manufactured so grand
Crisscrossing hearts
Fingers braiding hands

Layer me in comfort
In the final knot you do
Tapestries to blanket me
Warming memories of you


You’re everything I’m wanting
Come to think of it I’m aching
tangledOn account of my transgression
Will you welcome this confession?

49 thoughts on “283 ~ Tangled

  1. I was thinking of yarn, tangled, but your poem presents an infinitely lovelier picture of entanglement. I liked the rhyme scheme and the shorter rhythmic lines keep this moving along.

    • It is about yarn, but personified. And my heart is a tangled and tied to someone. Lofty ideas, I know, but that is what I was thinking of during the day yesterday and this is how it got penned out. I tried to keep it short as if one were actually weaving and bobbing. 😀

  2. I like the bit about the loom of ecstasy – sounds a really interesting place! 🙂
    I’ve never thought of writing a poem or a story about sewing, thread or tapestries. That’s refreshing – we managed not to share that one beforehand!! 😀

    • I have no idea where that came from. Funny what a good nights rest can do for the imagination 🙂 Speaking of which, how have you been sleeping? Better I hope >_<

      As for the loom, it is a really interesting place inside my head, for now, lol. I think because the idea was so sporadic my brain waves didn't make it to you in time for it to register ^_^

      • Some nights have been a little improved, but other nights not at all. The really annoying thing about sleepless modes, I’ll get on the computer to pass the time instead of lying there awake, like last night I posted a short story into my page at Jottify, and I actually fell asleep while I was reading through checking for mistakes!!!! That’s something I’ve discovered I can do now, nod off, and write in between the little naps! Effectively writing in my sleep! And the alarming thing is about that I’m not even aware I’ve fallen asleep, so I can’t stop it from happening! If I go to bed at that point, I can sometimes go off to sleep nicely and other times just wake up again!

        My sleep problems have never stayed exactly the same for years, so hopefully it’s just a phase – I’ll get over it! 😀

  3. Your syntax is incredible, each day I find myself in your confessions; I swear this is the essence of poetic expression: to offer a window when the doors of our soul is shut. Each day I find myself perched at your window looking for the exit.

  4. This poem has such a very clear chanting rhythm. I could hear it in my head and it’s rare that I can do that without speaking it aloud. Also, it makes sense that it is about sex but … I had weirder imagery. That said, it makes a damn cool horror and fantasy image.

  5. Great dialogues here….funny that it is about sex, as most have said, yet, it is ultimately really about love, esp at the end. For that is what is left behind if there is anything more than a bad taste or slight memory.

    Not out of line at all then….and yes you are working that syntax well! Love it actually….

    • Through the bonding of body, soul, and heart – it is fundamentally about love, hence the blanket to keep the memories warm. Sex and love for me go hand in hand as you know through most of my poetry.

      Thank you John, and I have yet to post the Black Parade. Still haven’t figured out what I could possibly write to go with that song. Sleep well, J. xx

  6. Wow…
    …I LOVE the knitting metaphor! You make this work so well, weaving the images and words together so expertly (for me to carry on your theme) 😉

    Clearly you seek (or reminisce on) that most intimate of connections, the one with a person that can be loved and trusted so that the connection goes way beyond the physical (or at least that’s my reading of it). In which case I hope that you got / get your satisfaction, and in a way that can leave only positive impressions 🙂

    • Thank you. Wasn’t sure if others would understand the whole knitting metaphor but I’m glad that the message came across to some.

      If the connection is fabricated with the right person, it will leave a lasting positive impression of which I seek to find again in the future 🙂 This is tagged ‘memories’ after all, so only time will tell if I come across this again in the future 😉

  7. “Gaze into my eyes
    As you thread the hole
    Undulations of bliss
    Knitting our two souls”

    you are naughty I know

    but beautifully put forth

    your sense of writing is literary you put words which are classic

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