281 ~ A Sorta Fairytale

If you were to go back
And reread the tales
Of Once Upon a Time
Where the macabre really hail

Before Disney came along
And wiped the stories clean
Of any gruesome trace of what
The origins really mean

Then you’ll understand
In what I believe
Fairy tales are real
They weren’t meant to deceive

And as in love
I hold the same to be true
Some become a nightmare
Some even taboo

When time is involved
Silver linings are missed
Too late to go back
So fate takes a twist

If I mistake an ogre for a prince
What shall I do then?
I will destroy that story
And rewrite it with this pen


The music video is a bit on the Salvador Dali surrealism side, but I have always loved this song.

And I’m so sad
Like a good book

1I can’t put this day back
A sorta fairytale with you

Photo Credit: Illness Illusion

54 thoughts on “281 ~ A Sorta Fairytale

  1. last stanza, second line, one too many “I” 🙂 I remember when I first read Grimm’s and learned the “real” fairytales … it’s remained one of my fav books LOL Nice little poem, one of hope for ogres everywhere!

  2. This is my favorite piece from you. I think you really “let it go” here.
    Tori Amos will always be a staple in my brain. I couldn’t pick a better song for you, since every time I see your name pop up o my reader, this song begins to pay in my head.

    • If my life could play only one soundtrack, it would be a tie between this and Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden. Though this one is definitely more fitting for this blog 🙂

  3. Lovin your work… please check out the book from clarissa pinkola called woman who run with wolves… she gets into the nitty gritty fairy tales and mythes with the the deepest psychological meanings brought forth it is life changing:)

    • The book looks inspiring and something that I could see myself reading. Bookmarked and saved – how could I say no to 4.5 stars and a ton of good reviews? 🙂 Plus I could use some more books to add to my mini library. Thank you for the recommendation!

  4. You are so talented and insightful in your thought that I can’t help but want to read more!

  5. Really good post! 🙂 A Sorta Fairytale your theme song! 😉 A beautiful poem and video, another great combination. Grim(m) realities much preferable to Disney’s sugar coated sweetness. The idea of rewriting your own story so true too – we can all do that and should!

    • Haha, yes! Why I didn’t think of it earlier, I have no idea. Was going to modify my page MMXIII to include this piece because it reflects my poetry so far. And yes, everyone should rewrite their own story if they don’t like how things may be ending or how the chapters are developing. 😀

  6. I think fairy tales were kind of parables or something like that, a story to think upon and learn from. But like you sad Disney came along and turned them into something completely different – dreams that are not accurate, ones that children will never find. Sad really, because in a way I like them, but half of my brain is not agreeing! 😐

    That’s a really good message in there, we should rewrite our lives as much as we can. It’s good to go forward, and only look back to learn, not wish for it all back!

    I love that song! 🙂 Tori Amos has been a favourite of mine since the 90’s. She sort of replaced my empty space by the absence of Kate Bush in the 90’s. I’ve always thought there was a similarity between those two. I did share one of her video’s on my blog – it was a long time ago now. A song called China, incredibly sad, but really wonderful! She’s a deep thinking lady too – I’ve always loved a deep thinker! 😀

    • Growing up I didn’t like them but I’ve grown to enjoy them now, still prefer the originals though. They go much deeper into the human psyche and at times can get very disturbing, as is life.

      Writing about the past is a good way to cherish the memories and take whatever lessons with you as a way to propel yourself forward. Only then will you be able to write your life in a way that you know is best for you. I guess that is essentially what I’m trying to do now 🙂

      Tori’s song, Silent All these Years helped me through some tough times in my teen years. Haven’t heard of Kate Bush, should take a look at that if you find they are similar 😀

      • Silent all These Years is a wonderful song! In fact the whole Album Little Earthquakes is really amazing, and was the first album I heard of her – and my favourite too!

        Not heard of Kate Bush!!! That makes me feel so old – was it all really that long ago?? She was the voice that carried me through all my teenage up and downs, and even better, she was responsible for me writing poetry – I loved her lyrics, and her wild and wacky videos! I suspect Tori Amos was into her when she was young too, she’s the right age.

        Apart from the colour of their hair and the different era, there isn’t that much difference between them. Have added on of her videos on my Retro Music Page so you can see one of her at the piano! If I post a link here the entire flippin video comes out – don’t like doing that, I wish WordPress would change that!

        So now you can say to your friends – “What! You’ve not heard Kate Bush!!!” 😉

  7. A fairy tale to me is the triumph of good over evil, not by the lack of evil but in spite of it. I may be missing the point (happens sometimes it really does) and I understand evil is probably far too strong a word but it makes the prize that more welcome. (as for evil well hey Disney wrote the book)

  8. Exactly! Write your own fairy tale! Your poems have this feeling of hope for me – they highlight the beauty in emotions some may only see as broken. Write on, girlfriend! Write on!

  9. great piece. i like the way you made us yearn for original meaning even though they are “gruesome”

  10. Love Tori Amos and love traditional fairy/folk tales. I bought my sister the complete, original, works of Hans Christian Andersen for Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s making her pretty depressed. Very few “happy endings”, copious amounts of death and heartache!

    • What an awesome sister you are! Sorry about her getting depressed about it part, but the tales are real eye-openers. Some people enjoy them because they tend to be more honest and reflect the nature of being human, but some prefer not to be reminded of those things >_<

  11. there’s a sheen

    in the dark green luminance

    of a jade stone



    original disney

    had a tear or two

    for every smile


    at one time

    there was beauty

    in their darkness



    that template

    was later shelved

    for cutesy putesy


    last year

    i watched dumbo

    with my daughter



    still heart wrenching

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