280 ~ Jaded

In some pictures you’ll see
The heart blistered with scars
Words branded on parchment
Inked into skin like memoirs

Growing much like a rose
Delicate but guarded
To attempt a touch
Is not for the fainthearted

You may think you know me
Yet I’ll have the final say
But how far can one truly get
Before the thorns get in the way

Bleed out as you keep trying
As you hold me close in vain
Until the light gives way between us
Letting only the darkness remain

She’ll let you come just far enough
So you know she’s really there
Then she’ll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say

stole_those_eyes_by_hiritaiShe’s got a secret garden
Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay, a million miles away

Photo Credit: hiritai

42 thoughts on “280 ~ Jaded

  1. There is a book called the secret garden…not sure i love this song, but Bruce has sung a lot in his time….curious with your last line…the darkness and misunderstanding remains…..

    • I have yet to read the book. I used to listen to this years ago, not for the song itself but for the lyrics. As for the last line, the darkness and misunderstanding will always remain John. ^_^

  2. There is always that piece of mystery that one keeps to themselves, and it seems if I am allowed to see it, or experience its ‘wrath’ then my life is ever-changed. Thanks for the intriguing words.

    • Yes, every person has their secrets or mysteries about them; something private that only a few are given permission to divulge in. Once the gates are unlocked and one is allowed passage, it changes things. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Interesting words! And I think I’d be a little scratchy right now, if I was to get involved in a relationship, I think I’ve trust issues hanging around me.:sad: I can be quite scratchy at my worst! After reading your poem, I’m just imagining the a man I might meet, bleeding trying to hold on to me! Not a nice image – but probably an honest one. I’m guessing you might be feeling similar? Just thinking: Is this a rewrite of your flower poem you mentioned, or is it another?

    Those dolls are fascinating! I did find the one the other day a bit spooky, but the dark haired one is lovely – very grown up dolls! 😀

    • It’s based partially on one of my tattoos – I have the word ‘jaded’ written in Elvish Script on my back so no one can read or understand it but me (and perhaps a few nerds?). The other portion is based on a conversation I had on here with a fellow blogger about relationships; opening up and letting people get close.

      I would definitely be scratchy if I were to get involved now, or ever. Things have happened in my life where I learned a lot about guarding myself and I can’t seem to shake off the thorns.

      This is another, not a rewrite of the one I trashed 😀

      They are very beautiful grown up dolls. So far I have five doll pictures – posts# 288, 282, 281, 280 and now 279. I’ve always been attracted and intrigued by them ^_^

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  5. Yes me too…came back for today’s feast….later maybe! We will bleed for you….anyday! lol

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