276 ~ For the Sun is but a Star

In your solar system
I want to be the sun
Warmingly embrace your skin
No matter where you run

Break through the clouds
On the darkest of days
Lighting your path
With the brightest of rays

Let the shadows fall behind you
As you look up towards the sky
Upon your face a smile will break
And I’ll know the reason why

Your heart will hear no thunder
Nor feel the sting of rain
But if I ever fail to shine someday
I’ll paint a rainbow for the pain


I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide

we_don__t_belong_i_by_danneggiato-d350cv3I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

Photo Credit: chubirubi

39 thoughts on “276 ~ For the Sun is but a Star

    • Good morning Joe, thank you. Love to play it on rainy days snuggled on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa. As they say, April showers bring May flowers 😀 ♥

  1. Lovely – it hits home. i used to share stories back and forth with the man I’m in love with, and one time he made up a story about how he was the Earth and I was the sky and I’d send rainbows down so I could be close to him. This is a very beautiful poem you’ve written, and again, tugs at my personal heartstrings!

    • I too, had been on the downside all last week. For no other reason than just spending way too many hours at work and it tends to bring out some pretty dark poetry. Good sleep does wonders 🙂 I’m glad it lifted your spirits a bit. I hope the rest of your week goes well *hugs*

      • I know way too much about too much time at work. I detest my job, but have no other choice at this time, so have to work it. My hours suck, and I cannot be creative there which defeats the purpose of work. Yes, your words lifted my spirits. Glad to read nice words. And hope my week goes quickly so I can focus on creativity during my time off. And nothing wrong with dark, I write the majority of dark sometimes, and sometimes its my best. But its nice to read and write positive stuff sometimes. And thanks for the hugs. ;^ )

      • I also spend miserable hours at work, my hours suck. I write my share of dark material as well. And sleep is great, I miss sleep. Your words did lift my spirits. I hope my week goes quick. And hugs back. :^ )

  2. Yes it is upbeat…song ok. Your poem true to love….you are so romantic Britt…and look at all the love you attract! Like that sun of yours….love reading you!

  3. Loved it, really touching. Especially “I’ll paint a rainbow for the pain” Beautiful (there’s that word again)

    Oh and completely on a side note I really like waking in the rain, doesn’t everyone 🙂

    • Gotta make up for failing to rise somehow 🙂 Plus rainbows can only exist with both the sun and the rain.

      Oh no. Walking in this city in the rain is terrible! So is kissing in the rain. It looks all romantic and lovely in the movies, but in real life – not so great 😛

  4. That’s really beautiful! And you’ve managed to get the tears flowing Brit – in a good way! 😥 Always a sign of excellent writing when you can make people cry – I think so anyway! 🙂

    I don’t know what inspired you for this one, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with the person on my mind these last few days. (So you’ll have to tell me what it means to you.) It reminds me of my Mum (no surprise there really!) As if it’s her speaking to me – does that make sense? And the bit at the end really makes it emotional for me: ‘But if I ever fail to shine someday I’ll paint a rainbow for the pain’

    My Mum and I had a thing about rainbows, all a bit silly now of course, now the I’ve grown up! But they often appeared for us just before something really good happened. Maybe we read into those rainbows what we wanted to see, but there is so much in this life we don’t know about, how things in the universe really work, so who knows!

    Sorry to make your poem personal to me – kind of feels rude to say that. But you know when you hear a song and the lyrics become very personal in that moment – well that’s the way it was when I read your poem. So thank you for that, and I think it’s time for me to be moved to tears by someone’s words, because I’ve made a lot of people cry myself this past week – so my turn today!!

    And I love the song, there are words in there too that reach me, so thanks so much for that too! 🙂

    This blogging is so amazing and strange at the same time. And the interaction with others on the internet has certainly made me realise how much we all connected even in ways we wouldn’t expect to be.

    Just one last thing before I fly back to my blog! (I have wings today you know!!!) 🙂 Another writer on Jottify has asked me if they could use an extract from the piece I wrote about my mother, and give me a credit for the work. I assumed they meant in writing, like a tribute or something, as they write poetry on there. They came back and explained that they wanted to learn it, to speak it, as their day job was acting! I was close to saying OMG!!! But kept my cool head on and asked them, what they would be using it for. I’m waiting to hear back from them soon I hope.

    She is a lovely young woman, and we always love each others poetry. And strangely, right from the start, I always felt looking at her picture she looked like someone from a television programme or film. I might still be wrong on that one, don’t know that for a fact yet, and maybe she just reminds me of someone else. But even if someone had just asked me to use it for an amateur production, I would have been over the moon, because of my acting thing from the past. I wanted to do acting when I was a young, but something really bad came along and made me very sick. It was a terrible few years of my life, and ruined all my plans at the time. But now, I actually know that acting wouldn’t have suited me – too stressful! So it’s not so bad after all – I think writing is much better for me, and maybe I should have dreamed of writing more when I was young instead of the stage!

    Good things can happen when you least expect them Brit – so keep writing wonderful stuff, you never know where it will take you one day! 🙂

    Sorry to use up so much of your blog comment space on this – it just kind of came out. I’ll make the next one short – I’ll just leave you a little row of smilies! 😀 😀 😀

    • Oh Suzy *hugs* I am so glad this piece moved you, and I am honored that you were able to make it personal (definitely not rude at all!). Same with Rachie above. I think if my poetry didn’t make an impact in any way, well then it wouldn’t be good now would it? 😉 The same goes for music, and you know how much music means to me and I always, always personalize them ^_^

      Thank you for sharing your stories, I always enjoy them, and the one about your mother was so heartfelt. I’ve never heard to you talk about her in depth in our previous conversations.

      As for the writer/actor on Jottify, I wonder what they will be using it for? That is very interesting and out of the blue. But I’m not surprised. The piece about your mother was the one I have loved the most from you, and it appears that many others agree.

      This idea came about from wanting to love and protect someone from afar. How we could live in two different worlds, and how I just wanted to be part of theirs in any way I could. Maybe I couldn’t be there physically, but if I could reincarnate myself into something symbolical, it would be the sun. To bring light, to guide, to bring warmth. I cannot promise that I can prevent bad things from happening, but I would try to make it better with the rainbow after the storm. A selfless kind of love in which, even though you cannot be with them, you want to make sure they are happy and safe.

      In regards to taking up space *pft* write away! That is what we’re here for and you know how much I love reading the conversations here ♥

      Well that makes two of us with wings 😉

      • Oh well, your description there does kind of fit what I felt even in a personal way. Sounds angelic! 🙂

        I found out what the actor/writer from Jottify wanted to use my writing for. She wants to record some audition films. They can’t be more than 3 minutes long. So I’m in the process of snipping and editing a piece for her to use – they’ll be very, very short!! But she has said she might like to do a film of the whole piece with some other talented people she knows. It is exciting, and I think she’s even more excited than me about it! I suppose it must be difficult for young actors to find the right piece of script to show how good they are on camera and also be unique. I know I’d very fussy – probably write it myself!!! 😀

        • It does, I was going to add that after I submitted the reply, but I figured you’d piece that together ^_^

          That’s amazing you get to play a part in her audition tapes!

  5. Best thing that I have read today… Brought a smile to my face 🙂

    “Your heart will hear no thunder
    Nor feel the sting of rain
    But if I ever fail to shine someday
    I’ll paint a rainbow for the pain”

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