273 ~ Songbird

You ask me to write you a song
As you keep me in this cage
With nothing less but the essentials
A black pen and blank page

You want me to write about romance
And how I’ll always love you
But how can you expect me to write such things
When you know they wouldn’t be true

For darkness has grown between us
Which is why you have the key
To the prison you made to keep me here
For as long as that may be

I’m afraid if I sing this song to you
You’ll lose all common sense
And I can already predict for you
The next sequence of events

For the music will trigger your rage
And your anger will trigger a demand
Your request will trigger my defiance
That pulls the trigger in your hand

Don’t wanna keep on sharing my bed,
With someone that I have to love less, and less
Every time I try to make you smile
You say that I’m being a child
Well I tried my best

Photo Credit: haitsu

19 thoughts on “273 ~ Songbird

  1. Wow… Another great power poem that draws me in… I love it!
    Boom… Shi… Clack Clack… Catchy tune 😉

  2. Sounds like a very troubled relationship! Someone wanting things said or done in a certain way and then not liking the result – oh, bad feelings there! A lot of people are in relationships like that, where they are trying to make each other what they want them to be, keeping them captive – and also themselves!

    I love that song, never heard anything like that before! 🙂 It’s one of those songs I could get stuck on for a while! 😀

    • This one was very personal to me, though I didn’t want to divulge what it was in the post itself. It pertains to my first ex-boyfriend that would threaten to cut himself every time I wanted to leave the relationship. Being young and naive at 16, it was very traumatic for me. If I had known he was going to be a two-faced liar and cheat, I would have taken the knife and stabbed him myself and be done with it before things got really bad as they did.

      As for the song, I love her voice and I love the lyrics. ♥

      • Hell! That sounds really traumatic – at any age really! I’m glad you didn’t do it for him – that wouldn’t have been good for you!!! 😦 I can understand why people do end up doing things like that. Mental illness can spread like wildfire, especially in a very close relationship. Good you got out – some people never do! 🙂

        • The sad part is, it wasn’t a disorder. He was just playing mind games but I was too dumb and blinded by fear that I didn’t figure it out until I had the strength to walk away. Never hated someone so much in my life. And yes, his madness and games were rubbing off on me. He tried to contact me years later, repeatedly on MySpace and then on Facebook. He is the only person on this planet, that I would never ever want to see again.

  3. Total songbird….and good to know the story behind too…Suzy always asks the right questions, hey?


    • With Suzy, she’s like a big sister to me. We share stories and I’m comfortable chatting with her. Plus she usually reads my mind and hints at things she most likely knows to be true. Don’t know how she does it, but I’m starting to think she’s psychic! hahaha

  4. The touch of your pen is indeed magical as you lend life to empty page, making it to glow with your hearts spirit! Your words always embrace and inspire as they blossom with the breath of Spring! Always a delight to embrace your words my sister! God bless!

  5. Wow!! Awesome / Epic poetry.

    I agree with the comments too, although sad to hear of the poems ‘origins’.
    Touching of you to share, and sadly an experience I can relate to (with my first GF) – although to a much lesser extent I would predict. I think these things scar twice, once for the pain of the situation and once for the self-embarrassment when comes the realization of youthful naivety, later down the line. Still, like all scars, these heel and (mostly) fade with time.

    Zee Avi too, great! I got her self titled album at the same time as Yuna’s (worth checking out if you don’t already know her). My favorite tracks are “Honey Bee” by Zee and “Favorite Thing” by Yuna.

    • Been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Some things I tried to keep hidden and locked away in the back of my mind, but keeping them there felt poisoning. I needed to write in order to heal, even if it had been many, many years ago. When I saw this photo, it just hit me like a soft grenade to my heart that I hadn’t fully come to terms with what happened. It was a very dark time in my life for me, and I felt so caged. Instead of pretending it never happened, I am accepting it, learning from it and moving on.

      Thanks for the recommendation! I shall look into them 😀

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