272 ~ Metamorphosis

I am but a small ugly caterpillar
Crawling my way in your atmosphere
And you have become everything to me
The one thing I hold most dear

As you caress me with your indecision
Wrapping me up against your silky skin
I will lay dormant, bidding my time
In this tomb you have encased me in

Hoping one day to finally transform
Into something beautiful you could love
Not just some standby or afterthought
But something your mind couldn’t shove

Months will pass, and the day will come
For me to finally be set free
I will break through the cocoon of you
And emerge to see the grown up me

While you stand in awe of the luminosity
As I spread these newfound wings
You’ll realize I am everything you wanted
After you played me along on your strings

So now it is you who has fallen in love
And now I can see all that you lack
You ready your net in order to capture me
As I fly away and never look back

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me

Photo Credit: hay3n

45 thoughts on “272 ~ Metamorphosis

    • Not on it yet hun. I just discovered how to embed it yesterday, and I prefer this to actual videos because soon, I will be uploading some! Can’t have two videos on a post now 😉 Spoken word, coming soon! >^.^<

      Right now I'm having technical difficulties with the sound when I record videos on my laptop, I can barely hear myself speak, even when the volume is up to 100. Once I work out the kinks with the sound, I'll post soon. xx

  1. Great stuff Britt! This is a great song too… where we both do the song thing… I might end up stealing a few from you… like this one. 😀

    Oh hey, do you sing too? <— me instantly jealous if true.

  2. When i started reading this poem i was heartsick and wanted you to NOT be so Damm needy. But as it turned out….
    Very well done. The emotion , the trauma, the liberation.

    • Oh no, far from it now. But I used to be many years ago when I was young and naive. When you discover yourself and your self worth, it can open your eyes to a world full of amazing things 🙂

      • Me too… It took me years to just write without worrying about whether they made sense or if they were any good. Just thought you should know you are REALLY good!

  3. Mmmm……. this is wonderful poetry!! 🙂 And that sounds so like me and my ex! You’ve got those wings on again girl! Yes – fly away and never look back! Just maybe fly back to put up another post, and then fly away!!! 😀

    • Sure could use some wings right now… I’d fly to the Grand Caymans or Hawaii. Somewhere nice and warm, where they have beautiful beaches 🙂 By the end of the week my brain is just fried from work, but things have calmed down a bit so I’m trying to write as much poetry as I can. Apparently it’s National Poetry Writing Month from what I’ve been seeing from other bloggers posts? O_o

      For now, I’m going to get to my comments, fly away. Make my green drink, take a shower, then fly back to WP 😛

  4. P.S. Posted that comment too quick – half a sleep tonight!!

    I meant to say….. That song is really fabulous, Sia!! 😀 And it’s not one I’ve heard!

    So you’re working your way to Soundcloud? Faster than I am. I had a look and put it on hold, because of the time involved. 😦 But I may get to it one day. Or perhaps that lovely young woman from Jottify, if her voice is lovely too, maybe I’ll ask her if she wants to do some of my poetry! But maybe that’s just me chickening out!!! 😆

    • I keep forgetting our time difference >_<

      Well not really. Just using the songs from there instead of using YouTube vids. I'm planning on making my own videos so I don't want two videos in one post to avoid clutter – hope that makes sense. So the video will be of me, and the song will be from Soundcloud.

      I wish I had a piano so I could play and sing this song. It's so moving.

  5. Such a very breathtaking serenade, with words that dance wonderfully into one’s spirit and heart leaving a timeless smile…beautifully written and shared Britt and really…just an awesome poem!

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