271 ~ the Domino Effect

Some people think I’m strange
Some people think I’m mean
Some people think I love, love to much
But you don’t run this scene

I stopped caring when I found happiness
And it wasn’t from people or things
The year I started loving myself
Was the year my heart to started to sing

I’ll write what I feel
Whether or not you agree
I’ll dance randomly in public
Because that’s just me

I’ll sing along to a song
If you come to my desk
If you like what you hear
Then I’ll sing you the rest

I’ll laugh til my tummy hurts
Or when my throat gets hoarse
My friends will just joke and say
It’s from last night’s intercourse

I do have my serious moments
But you can always catch a smile
Whether it’s innocent or mischievous
You’ll find out if you stay for awhile

Typical day at the office: if someone comes up to my desk, I will randomly serenade them to the song that is playing on the speakers instead of saying, “hello.” And recently, I keep being told my laugh is infectious. Over the phone, in person. People laugh when I laugh even though they don’t know what they’re laughing about. Which is AWESOME because it picks up their mood if they’re having a bad day. It’s all cause and effect.

So happy Friday everyone! Dance, sing, laugh, smile, love.


I hear in my mind
All these voices
I hear in my mind all these words
All this music
And it breaks my heart

45 thoughts on “271 ~ the Domino Effect

  1. I wish you worked where I do. ;^ ) The place could do with less stuffiness. And your not mean or strange, your honest and a good writer, maybe all us writers are strange…..hmmm never thought about that.

    • Hahaha, that would be interesting! Well, I made someone from one of my offices cry this year 😦 My boss at first reprimanded me for it, but she knows I’m not mean, I’m just very strict.

      People do think I’m strange because I smile/laugh way too much, but I think people are strange for frowning way too much. As for being a writer, my friends and co-workers don’t know about this blog, but they can tell I’m a writer because of the emails I compose. Some people do associate being a writer to being strange, but that’s because they don’t write and therefore don’t understand. LOL ^_^

      I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day today! 😀

    • Yay! Yea, I was all giddy last night while I was working on this post. I’m just super excited for the weekend because I will be baking with my girls!

      Happy Friday GE!! 😀

    • Hi Diana! I never thought about it that way before. I wasn’t always so chipper, but a change in attitude really helped shape my perspective these past few months. Must look into that book later, thanks!

  2. Always be true to yourself, I will always love you the way you are…do not ever change except become better! God knows the genuine loving spirit within you, that is all that really matters …God bless my sister!

    • I hadn’t always been, it is a journey and progress that I hope to continue 😀 Back to the way I had been when I was a lot younger, before I became jaded by things that have happened. God bless my brother, and may you continue to be a beacon of light and hope. ♥

  3. Singing it all out!!! 😀 That’s a good way to be! And loving yourself is the number one rule of life! 🙂

    We have not one – but two coincidences for today! My next poem going up (not tomorrows post – but after that one) is about not being heard, and I’ve ended it with something to do with singing it out!!! And you do that in real life – that’s really awesome! You’ll have to get someone to video you at work singing! 🙂

    Coincidence number two, is Regina Spektor. I was looking up something or other on You Tube last night and came across some of her videos. Found a few were really brilliant, so I just kept going until I’d almost exhausted all her music on there! Bookmarked loads of videos for possible use. And wondered a few times if you were into her music or not!

    The strange thing is, I never used to like her, or I thought I didn’t. The song you’ve shared here was actually one of the songs that I used to find slightly annoying about her 😦 but – it doesn’t bother me now like it used to 🙂 and I discovered I really like her. And silly me was avoiding her! I think I was also mixing her up with a British singer called Kate Nash who has a few similarities, and they both seemed to be big in Britain at the same time, a few years ago. She reminds me a little of Fiona Apple, and at certain angles in photos looks a bit like Tori Amos. I put a Google image search in for (Tori Amos & Regina Spektor) and their images come up next to each other – I could swear those women are related in some way! Another coincidence maybe!? 😀

    • The coincidences are growing at an alarming rate! LOL ^_^ Oh yes, I adore Regina Spektor. This was the first song I have ever heard from her and I loved it then, and I love it still. Can’t wait to see your posts Suzy, although it will have to be put on hold while I go bake some cookies now ♥

  4. mean?! Hardly. She is quirky and weird, Regina Spektor…I have kind of gone the other way thinking I loved her but then not playing the songs…always a sign. But I like something of the idea of her, like Bjork (since others having a go at analogies – lol, actually, I am not saying she is like Bjork, saying more that I like her like I like Bjork, whose music I kind of admire but do not play). God I am raving on again….thanks Britt. that was a fun poem too! Esp the hoarse/intercourse line….good luck with that!

    • It’s a joke between my friends and I. We laugh so hard until our throats hurt, so I will casually say to one of them, “so what were you doing last night.” 😉 So now they say the same to me whenever I have a sore throat, LOL.

  5. Dropping by your blog is almost as much fun as visiting the animals at the SPCA … I laugh, smile, and just feel good having spent time here. And then it is time to go … btw writers aren’t strange!! Everyone that doesn’t write IS! 🙂

  6. Because that’s just me

    Says it all. People tend to think words like strange or weird are bad and insulting. Personally I take them as compliments. Give me strange over dull and boring anyday of the week. Be uniquely you, you seem to do it so well 🙂

  7. Sorry I am late to the party on this one, but catching up on your lovely blog after a few weeks when I wasn’t up to reading and writing coherently – some sort of virus left me exhausted. Anyway, better now! 🙂

    Love the sentiments of this poem – working ourselves out, finding peace with our own heart, has to be the basis for our life and relationship to everyone else. If not then we will be pushed and pulled around and seriously messed up. Lovely catchy song from Regina Spektor too! 🙂

    • It’s ok Paul, I was playing catch up this morning as well – plus WP is always giving me issues with my reader *sigh*. I’m glad you are feeling better and I heard the lovely things you did for your sis for her birthday. How very sweet of you!

      Finding my center has been a journey and one that isn’t quite completed yet, but I think I’m on the right path ^_^

      Fidelity is such a fun upbeat song. I believe it fit the mood I was in at the time when I wrote this 🙂

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