270 ~ the Sirens Call

You sail off into the sunset
Until you hear the song
Drifting aimlessly until you come upon
The tune that will play along

For I know your past and future
I replay them in my dreams
Upon my harp I’ll relive them forever
No matter how absurd they may seem

If my voice does not call out to you
Then perhaps my body will
It will charm you into a lullaby
While I tear you to pieces until

Your mast will bear the white flag
But by then you will be crucified
And all will hear the name upon
The times that you have lied

In the name of the ocean
In the name of lust
Your body will be broken
In the name of us

So this is my first spoken word video. I’m still having issues with the sound so you may have to turn your volume up.


60 thoughts on “270 ~ the Sirens Call

    • Thank you Leo. I was struggling this morning to get it to work, and then I realized I had to make a YouTube account and the color was off and this video thing is giving me a headache >_<

  1. Oh dear, you are so cute on that video, and you are so shy and nervous,
    but I loved it, you look so cute I loved it hope to see more of you

    loved to see you live cutie

    • Thank you Ajay ♥ I am very shy and nervous!! I’m surprised my voice and hands didn’t shake too much. I guess it just takes practice and there are so many pieces involved to make the video play, so hopefully if I ever post another video, it’ll be a lot better ^_^

      • You have to post another very early through practice you will be okay but still as I imagined you with that head gear very shy half of the video you eyes are just looking down
        and that is a quality very few ladies have, In India we call it an ornament of a woman i;e ” Lajja ” a real women never raises her eye brows that is considered a very good quality my sweetie and you look very beautiful and innocent

        I love you

          • your head gear I love it

            i never told you its a symbol of a women’s humility and character, and on that your shy expression on that video amount to even greater humility, here we in India consider it as an ornament of a true humble, passionate, and loving women

            remember I told in the starting about you head gear

            After looking at your video I feel and I am proud to say you are truly humble and passionately loving woman, you dont even raise your eyebrows in the video which I love that very much.

            I love you darling god bless you my blessing are with you always you are a very beautiful friend of mine

            thank you dear

  2. ‘It will charm you into a lullaby
    While I tear you to pieces until’
    That sounds very nice – but naughty!!! Well, certainly sounds like a warning poem! I like the picture too!!

    And your first video!!!!!!!! Ah!! Lovely to see you at last!!!! 😀 And I can just hear it enough with the sound to max!!! Hopefully you’ll get that sorted soon. I’ve seen other people on You Tube with quiet videos too – never thought of why that might be! 🙂

    Well, I was smiling to start with today! Have heard back from that young woman who wants to ‘act’ my story, so will be sending her ‘script’ off soon. She sounds more excited than I am about it! And the sun was shining all day today, birds singing – and no more snow – yet! Hopefully Spring has come through at last, and I can save some money on my heating bills!! And to see your video today was, as my brother and I often say – the cherry on top! (of the cake!) 😆

    • Gotta be charming while you rip people apart 😉

      Yes, I finally got around to posting one. Always had an issue with the sound, but since I sat up closer to my laptop, I could hear it better than what I had done previously. Still sucks though, but I will hopefully get to the root of the problem. Jp says I might need a mic.

      That’s wonderful news Suzy!! And I’m glad you had a beautiful morning. Yea, I got to save money on my heating bills lately, they had been horrendous for the past 4 months 😦

    • Thank you Wendell. I look forward to hearing some of your words come to life in your voice. It’s one thing to read something you enjoy and find fascinating, but I am also curious to hear how it sounds like coming from the author ^_^

  3. Britt in video! How fun! Totally understand about being nervous, lol & I just do audio! (when I do it). Great job! (for me the hardest part is talking to nothing).

    P.s. Sorry I missed this earlier. 😦

    • It was strange doing one for the first time. Watching yourself, talking to yourself or an imaginary audience. I’ve been practicing it over and over, but when the camera turned on, I just froze. I can remember my poems very easily since they were created from my own mind, but I had to read this one off my phone because I got so nervous my mind went blank, lol.

      I’m not sure if it showed up in everyone’s reader. It didn’t show up on my friends. I just thought I had scared off some people! LOL.

  4. Well done you 🙂 that sounded great. I always wonder if poems are read the way I write them and if I am reading them the way they were written guess this is the best way to dispel doubt. Really enjoyed it and think that your voice really brought life to the words.

    • Sometimes when people comment on my poetry, I think to myself, I wonder how they were reading it in their heads because I’m not sure if they read it the same way I had intended for it to be read. Of course poetry is always open for interpretation but here and there I will post up readings for some of them. Yay for the first test run! lol.

    • Thank you Don. It was a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps more frustration came from the process itself on the technical side. But I’m surprised my voice didn’t shake as much as the first few runs did >_<

      • I hear ya as to the shaking. I remember the first time I read in front of people. the paper and the voice shook. someday ya will be doing that too…:)

  5. That is more like it….and I am an imbecile….sometimes…lol. thank you all the same for your patience with me!

  6. Loved your video, Brit! Watching someone read poetry creates such a different feeling within the person who just reads the words. I hope that made sense lol Thank you for sharing this piece to the world 🙂

    • Awwww thank you! LOL, yes that made sense 😀

      I wish more bloggers made videos or at least readings on SoundCloud. It definitely changes ones perspective and gives off a different vibe when you’re hearing them read their poems. ^_^

  7. pardon me,
    loved yr recitation, a fine job for fine work/ Thanx
    I’m on the cusp on maybe trying out audio poetry, after a morning blogster friend jumped in with great results As for you, please Keep On, G.R.

  8. This is the first time I’ve seen this. I like the turn that your poem takes towards the end. “The Siren’s Call” is like the sea: a tide of beauty and one final ripple of cruelty encompassed by the overarching foam and shipwreck that is life.

    A little known fact is that at one time I was thinking about making YouTube videos of me reading stuff but I too encountered technical difficulties and slow loading times. Maybe one day I will do that. Sometimes I email readings of stories and poems that I do to those I love and trust. But it was good to hear from and see you.

    I also wanted to say that I added one more thing in my last response to you. I’m glad I decided to speak with you that one day months ago. Take care, Britt.

    • The technical difficulties were the hardest for me. I even noticed a bit later that the video is flipped! The tree should be facing the other way which means that this is a mirror image, and I found out how to make it normal now. *sigh* I looked up how to fix the sound but it seems rather time consuming so when I post another video, it’ll be just as quiet because I just don’t want to spend the time to enhance it.

      I too, am glad that you decided to speak with me at that point. 🙂

      You take care of yourself as well Matthew.

  9. haha, i know this comment comes so late but i was inspired to do the same. beautiful voice. and i just discovered that you are as beautiful as your poems.

  10. Always interesting how an author’s inflections can reshape a poem for the reader/ listener. Thanks for sharing, I know it can be intimidating.

    • Thank you – it sure is intimidating. I’ve always written poems but never shared them visually until this year. I appreciate watching others do it and that inspired me to create one of my own – shakiness and all, lol.

        • I started with YouTube only because I had a laptop with a camera and I figured it was easier than going the SoundCloud route. I had initially thought of doing both simultaneously, but after having difficulties with the YouTube (apparently I’m not that great with technology), I decided to stick with only one. I would really like to see a visual piece from you. 🙂

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