266 ~ Bears the Word

I have a secret that I want to share
It’s about a friend that I adore
He is the most amazing thing
And I couldn’t ask for more

I tell him all my secrets
And he never tells a soul
He collects my tears when I cry
When they fall down out of control

He lets me hold his hand
And never pulls away
When I need him to be there
He will always stay

He sits and listens
To all the stories I have read
He protects me at night
From the monsters under my bed

Now if one day it so happens
He should remove his disguise
I want him with me forever
For he will always be my prize


S.L. and I had a brief discussion on one of his favorite Grimm’s tale: Snow-White and Rose-Red. Screw frogs, how many bears will I have to kiss ’til I find my prince? LOL. For now, I’ll just stick with my teddy bear ♥

Photo Credit: wtfoodge.com

47 thoughts on “266 ~ Bears the Word

  1. To whomever this Is directed…I am most jealous…as would be anyone of any intelligence…ever. Hello B. I’ve missed you. It’s has been so long since I’ve been logged in and coming here makes me feel like not a second has passed….I can safely stand on my position that we need more people like you in the world 😉
    I know I promised you a little something special, and I apologize for eternity and then some for not having delivered yet; But my schedule seems to have let up a bit, so over the next few moonlights or so you should be revealing a little gift in your inbox. Thank you for the admirable read…talk to you soon.

    • J, I’ve missed you too! It seems like ages, but I know you have been busy 😦

      I look forward to that special something you shall leave for me. I always look forward to your stories, although I too have been busy as of late :/ … I’ve been slacking on these emails/posts. Time seems to be moving quicker than I had anticipated. TTY soon!

  2. Ah! How sweet! ♥ It’s a long time since I cuddled a teddy bear – but they really were the best of friends especially in night!!
    That could make a lovely children’s poem. Just get someone to do an illustration to it, and it would be perfect! There are quite a few writers on Jottify who write the occasional children’s poem, sometimes story-like long poems or funny laugh out loud ones! 🙂

    Have you ever seen the super-toy teddy in the film A.I? He’s kind of exciting and a little creepy at the same time! I must watch A.I. again soon, I always get so much from that film, something new every time. 😀

    • I have too many teddies I think 😦 But they make for great company as I sleep alone at night.

      I need to branch out. Find some illustrators, that would be nice. That will leave me more time instead of trying to find dolls or personal photos that will fit a piece for a post, lol.

      As for A.I. I have seen it, but I would much rather find a teddy that resembles the one in Ted. Not sure if you’ve seen that film, but it is hilarious!

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