264 ~ Speak

The look in your eyes tell me
That you have something to say
But you do not dare let it out
Keeping those thoughts at bay

Have I ever told you
How much I love your voice?
Sounds simply fall from your lips
And leave me with no choice

I don’t want to fall
But this I cannot fight
The need to hear from you
Is breaking my will tonight

When even ordinary words
Can make these knees weak
All I ask of you tonight
Is just to hear you speak

Please break this silence
Any words will do
Say it soft and say it slow
And I’ll fall in love with you


Steady your ears. Read my lips

Poetry is not a luxury, it’s how I’ll break this home.

Photo Credit: chubirubi

39 thoughts on “264 ~ Speak

  1. Do you actually make and position those dolls into place, Britt? I never noticed until now that you used them. Also, that is an awesome post and keep your eyes on more poetry on my site. Somehow, I managed to do it again and I just need to post it at some point. I will warn you though: it has heightened diction. My former teachers would be displeased. ;P

    • Hey Matthew, no these dolls are not mine unfortunately. They run from $400 and up for each one. They are so very beautiful though and all customizable.

      Looking forward to more poetry from you soon. Also, I have yet to get back to you on Lovecraft. I pulled the book from my archives a couple of weeks ago and it’s been sitting here next to my computer. And I reread Blazon this morning 🙂

      • I suspect that, among other things, next week is going to be poetry week at Mythic Bios. I’m glad I got you to look at Lovecraft again. And you have an archives? I don’t have one as of yet: not an official one anyway. And with regards to Blazon 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Ah! This is very sweet! 🙂 The memory of peoples voices can live in the mind for a long time! Anyone’s voice in particular you like?

    My dad was an Irish man from Dublin, and he had very little accent at all – erased it over the years of living in England I guess. But there must have been something Irish remaining in there, because after he died I kept hearing elements of his voice in famous people who are very Irish, or have a little bit of Irish in them. Strangely I can hear bits of my dad in Moby (DJ/Singer) because I think he said his mother is Irish, he must have picked up a tiny bit – and I can hear it! Perhaps I’m the only one in the world who can hear the Irish in Moby!!! 😆

    I love the song, reminds me of an 80’s British band called The Housemartins. On You Tube, look up (The Housemartins – Happy Hour) you’ll see what I mean!! 😀

    • Unfortunately not currently. I remember voices from my past but they’re usually saying not so nice things, so I don’t want to replay them 😦

      Yea I don’t think I can hear the Irish in Moby, lol!

      This song was sent to me a long time ago, and I never did like it until tonight. Not my normal cup of tea but I enjoyed the lyrics and it has a swing dance beat to it which I like. And yes, the Housemartins – Happy Hour is similar to this! 😀

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