261 ~ Gemini

As you touch my heart
It shatters across the sky
Breaking into constellations
Oh my dear, Gemini

Setting free the demon
That I have locked away
But you have shown me yours
So together we will play

I’ll drag these claws
Across your skin
Leave a scar of my initials
For we are like twins

Draw blood and destruction
In our waking dreams
Forgetting at one point
We were on the same team

For now just sleep, my sweet
Don’t worry about what tomorrow brings
So let’s pretend that
The_Guardian_by_prophetekWe’re giants among common men
Because we’ve never been taller
Than our demons within

Photo Credit: prophetek

*I was recommend this song on Friday and although I didn’t like it at first, I fell in love with the lyrics. So this poem is dedicated to the one who sent the song to me.

27 thoughts on “261 ~ Gemini

  1. My mother and sister are both Gemini and I was born right on the cusp of it, I’ve grown to accept and love their dual nature. Thanks for the post!

  2. I’m guessing it’s about sharing similar things about yourselves – with another blogger? There is something quite special about finding someone who is similar to ourself. Something we often think doesn’t exist – and then, there it is – another person who’s gone through the same stuff, feels the same way. Invisible water to our soul – takes the heat out of the situation!

    You do a lot of tributes to people you know – you are very thoughtful Britt!♥ 🙂 I’d like to do this eventually, but I’m worried I might get it terribly wrong and upset someone!

    I have a confession to make! I crept back here yesterday, to borrow a few hearts! ♥ I copied some to Jottify on a post I liked and commented on there!!! Jottify is WordPress related, so I guessed they would work OK. So now that I have some, I can spread love hearts round to other writers – I think they liked it! 😆

    • The person who sent it to me is a Gemini, and I had always only seen one side of him until we broke up. His newly seen dark side broke out a side of me that I had kept under control, and we fight until we forget we were once lovers and friends. The lyrics I actually wanted to post was:

      We are so fragile
      And easily broken
      But I’ll try my hardest
      To put you back together
      If you do the same for me

      But I saw this photo and chose another line from the song 🙂

      This one was worth the tribute but I have never had a second thought that I would offend anyone with what I had to say. I mean, who doesn’t like playing the muse once in awhile? 😉

      You are too cute Suzy! I think they liked it too 😛

  3. LOVE this poem. Beside it being my sigh, I can feel a connection with the lyrics. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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