259 ~ Howl

When the sun goes down
You can hear the cry
A lonely wolf howls in the distance
Have you ever wondered why?

For I am just an animal
That fell in love with the moon
Knowing we can never be together
So at night I sing this tune

So goodnight moon and goodnight you
When you’re all that I think about
a28e400ab67cd823fac592295807dc47All that I dream about
How’d I ever breathe without

Photo Credit: *yenna-photo

26 thoughts on “259 ~ Howl

  1. such a simple idea/explanation and yet, I loved it! Nice twist on falling in love with something/someone out of reach. 🙂 I think I will try howling …

  2. The moon is always a place of mystery, and inspires poetry as much as butterflies seem to! And you need to be always a little wary of those lonely howling wolves! 😉

    I love that song! And the lyric video is so creative, positively perfect! ♥ There are some really talented people out there doing these lyrics videos. I loved the sparkly bits – so Disney!! 😀

    • It is, but I found it difficult to find a song about the moon for this post. Took me a few days but then I stumbled upon this one. It was either this or Beethoven’s – Moonlight Sonata (which I love and have played on the piano before).

      I am so glad I found this video though. I thought it matched up perfectly to this post and blog ^_^ and I’m glad you liked it as well ♥

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