257 ~ Philophobia

People talk about how amazing it is
But I have only felt the sting
Fearing my own desires
And the destruction it could bring

I can’t help when I look at you
I feel the tugging at my heart
But I will keep my composure
Before it can tear me apart

I want to tell you that I love you
But I am going to lie
In hopes that you can’t see through
The hesitations and the sigh

When the words try to escape
I shall keep it at goodnight
For love requires falling
And I’m terrified of heights


Oh, I hate to be the one to bear the bad news
Yes, it is true I finally fell in love
SONY DSCI fell so hard that I’m killing myself
Yes, I need help out of this grave that I’ve dug

Photo Credit: thesaraghina

35 thoughts on “257 ~ Philophobia

  1. I’ve only ever told one man that I loved him, and I wonder if that was even really worth saying. 😦 I do believe that love exists, but finding real honest true love – it’s seems like an elusive butterfly. Difficult to catch or even hold onto! 🙂 But maybe, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t desire it, search for it, or even notice it was lacking! I’m wondering if we need some difficulty in order to really know how valuable it is. And I’m scared of love heights too! 😀

    • one cannot appreciate the sweetness of victory without keen knowledge toward the bitterness of defeat. we all work towards our destined shadows, one failure at a time

    • Oh Suzy, I sometimes think the same thing but I’m such a hopeless romantic, I say it anyway. I’ve only said it to the last two and I’m not sure if it was true for one of them 😦 I’ve been debating it lately, so I’m leaning more towards no if I had to think twice about it.

      True love is elusive and it doesn’t come easy. If so, we’d all be falling in love left and right (although I’m sure the world would also be a better place because of it). But we would also take it for granted. It’s human nature.

    • Have always loved the original song, but this cover is very airy feeling. 😀

      I also like the cover done by Confide – the sound is the complete opposite of this one! Very hardcore, lol. Funny how the same lyrics set to different music gives off a different vibe and translation ^_^

      • this interpretation

        may be

        my favourite


        the original

        will always have

        a special place

        in my heart


        my wife

        used to sing this

        to our baby

        in her womb

  2. very good. the length matches perfectly with the impeded utterances portrayed. and the wrap up to the whole dismal…I didn’t know whether to smile or laugh, it was just great.

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  4. Philophobia…..nice idea. Captures so much of what is going wrong for us – we reach out and miss, I know, but we have to reach out again….eventually. x

    • I only did one video, but it really was just a test run. There’s a link in my verbal tab to it. I am planning on doing more when time permits and when I get around to fixing the sound.

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