248 ~ Welcome to the Art Exhibit

You leave me in fragments
Which you plan from the start
So I will paint a perfect portrait
Write you into an art
Dip this pen into the black hole
That I now call my heart
And present you to the world
To judge and rip apart


You scream don’t look
You scream don’t touch

Cloaked_in_Shadows_____Mouth_by_JubrielWhat have they done?
What have I not?

Photo Credit: Jubriel

40 thoughts on “248 ~ Welcome to the Art Exhibit

    • Suzy and I were talking fragments last night, and I believe we did as well. Just jotting down thoughts and trying to piece it all together. I wanted to keep it brief because adding more to it would take away some of its intensity.

      • it is beautiful Brit. really. And I love fragments….they add up to more than the whole. the intensity is important too….

    • Something I felt briefly this week, but the rage quickly subsided. Still, I wanted to put it up because I’m not always cheerful all the time and these poems mirror certain events in my life.

      • We all have darkness inside of us. For some of us it’s brief, and others it’s deeper. I consider myself a pretty dark person most of the time, and people tend not to see it, so either I hide it really well (which would be odd since I’m not that kind of person) or people think I’m just being funny.
        Embracing every side of yourself is part of what makes you so incredibly talented. You should be working towards putting together a book of your poetry. Even if it’s a side gig, you’ll still get the satisfaction of seeing is succeed.

  1. The power of the pen! This is excellent! πŸ™‚ Short but very powerful – and what a warning!! I still haven’t succeeded in short power poems yet! And pens can be very dangerous – or lovely, depending on how they are used, and what kind of picture they paint! πŸ˜‰

    I was writing a novel some time ago now, I haven’t given up on it – just a bit distracted this last year with the internet being new to me! One of the characters was not unlike my ex! But – don’t tell anyone, will you!!! πŸ˜† I’m sure that has been done many times in books! Funny thing is, when I really got down to writing about that man, I found I couldn’t visualize anything about him from my ex partner, and I found that a real surprise. I realized that it didn’t always work, to try and put the reality of a real person into a fictional character. I had to start from the beginning with his character and modify him as to what kind of person would my main female character have chosen. It really does get that weird, those characters end up with lifelike personalities of their own, otherwise they would be cardboard cut outs of reality – and would be a real embarrassment. I’m sure literary agents bins must be full of those manuscripts!

    So I found my poison pen had a mind of it’s own. 😦 I remember seeing interviews with various authors when I was a teenager, who said something about how the characters dictated to them how they were written. And I just thought they were mad! 😯 Just reveals how we need to walk in another’s shoes a little, before deciding they might be insane! πŸ˜†

    • LOL! I won’t tell a soul Suzy πŸ˜‰ That’s strange, especially since you had been with him for so long. Most of my writing here is an adaption of two men in my life – both exes, both of which are my friends at this point. Sometimes it seems as if I’m bipolar on my feeling towards the character – it is because there are two different players and I write about each but don’t distinguish who’s who most of the time. I’m not even sure if they realize it when they read my blog πŸ˜†

      You know… I don’t get possessed by the pen. I’ve seen many bloggers/authors write about it, but it has never happened to me. I wish it did because it would make the thought process easier – to be dictated then to draw the characters out on your own. ^_^

  2. Hi Britt πŸ™‚

    I have been following your blog for a while and wanted to nominate you for the Liebster Award. Please accept this award for knowing people like myself enjoy the topics you blog about! =)
    If you don’t accept it, that’s okay because of course I’ll still be reading your work!
    Please review the following link when you get a chance for information on this exciting award:

    • I had to look up that quote. Apparently I do not watch enough movies, and apparently people like using that line as a title for songs 😎

      And I listened to those songs… they were not enjoyable or I’d share them with you here.

  3. that’s a masterpiece brit..!! dip this pen into the black hole and then finish with to judge and rip apart. that’s a start to the finish and with the line having to hold up. it does here…:))

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