247 ~ Body Wash

Some of us are painted
In eggshell or matte across
Others are simply finished
In silky sheen or semi-gloss

Flat or two-tone people
Are easy to replace
But there is always that one person
That you can’t quite erase

To find someone who shimmers
In an iridescent hue
Is to understand why I
Can never forget about you



You spin around me like a dream
We played out on this movie screen

what_to_do_by_yuki_arisu-d5htpacAnd I said, did you know I miss you?
God, I miss you.

Photo Credit: *Yuki-Arisu

*I know this song is almost 10 minutes long, but I never get tired from listening to it all these years.

39 thoughts on “247 ~ Body Wash

  1. that’s a great title. even though it conveys the overall nature of one that one can be on the look out for, but in a different direction, one needs to be able to see what that person is all about. hence the body wash – to like strip them down to see their impurities. I like playing with concepts.

    • I was having issues last night deciding on the title. And yes, it could be written differently with a different message. πŸ™‚

      But if I were to be honest, I wouldn’t want a body wash for myself if that were the case, lol.

  2. “And through no fault of her’s
    my darkness she’d mirror.
    And through no action from me
    my little, black heart would quiver.”

    your words today seem to have escaped from a place inside me that im scared to even go to…. this was simply beautiful…thank you for this…

  3. “But there is always that one person
    That you can’t quite erase”

    This so true to life… You again amaze me with your creative expression founded in your words…

  4. Fun and surprising opening..been painting too, so I totally relate. That is very kind as a poem and I do hope that whoever you are writing for knows…

  5. Some people just shine out as special ones! And you definitely don’t want to erase them, not by accident anyway! Others – well, I wish there was an erase button, some annoying ones are hard to remove!!

    I love the song! β™₯ Very deep, and lots of piano in there! Long ones are good sometimes – pop symphonies! πŸ˜€

  6. You already know this was gonna touch my heart πŸ™‚ I have 2 of those “one person” I can’t erase. One is my daughters dad…kind of stuck with him in my life πŸ™‚ the other I’m trying to say goodbye to right now. Thank you for this poem!

  7. Thanks Britt
    It seems so long since I’ve heard that song, it has reminded how beautifully fantastic it is, it’s a great choice to go with your words, I’ll just have to hang around here until it finishes, if that’s ok?

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