245 ~ Where the Wild Things Are

You hold me in your arms
But it feels like a cage
Born with a nomadic heart
That doesn’t grow old with age

There’s not enough room
For the imagination to thrive
To get lost in my mind
Is where I feel most alive

I live amongst the forests
In a tent high in the trees
Unless you can dream it too
It’s a world you’ll never see

If you can’t paint with words
Then I don’t want you to speak
For one cannot see me clearly
If it’s monotony that you seek

Your world is too small
For a dreamer like me
Because all good things
Are wild and free

I’m off on my rope here
I’m off on my own here

enchanting_the_spirits_iii_by_amomiu-d30nuktAnd I find my hope here
Where the fence is low

Photo Credit: amomiu

*This post was somewhat inspired by the children’s book of this poems title by Maurice Sendak which I reread the other night. Still one of my favorite bedtime stories. ♥

27 thoughts on “245 ~ Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Where are the wild things now, I wonder? Such a sweet idea. I think I share some of those dreams of yours B, in my own small way, so to speak. Like the song….you and your lovely love songs….but they slake a certain thirst…sometimes….I am off on my own here, off on my rope too, where the fence is broken. made that bit up…lol. Thank you as usual 🙂

    • They have the cutest quote that goes: “Oh, please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!” It’s just whimsical and I was given the book as a gift, so it also has sentimental meaning to me.

      The girl who wrote the song, had a dream so she wrote it out. I love the meaning behind it and wish I could write out my dreams, but I tend to forget them and they’re always super strange :/

      • Check out Rebecca….her dreams and her way of describing them….artofstumbling. xx

  2. This spoke to me on a different front than normal. I sometimes feel like this at work. That they can’t understand a dreamer like me. I feel constrained to fit into a box at times. Once again you, “get it!” xoxo

  3. This is wonderful, so well written!!♥ Some of us are born dreamers. We need a world with both dreamers and the monotonous. Because we can’t all be dreamers, it just wouldn’t work. But the monotonous need to learn that this world needs dreamers, because dreamers create (all kinds of things) and without creation, we wouldn’t function either. But definitely don’t let the monotonous steal who you are! Be the best, in your genre, and make your dreaming create something real. And the monotonous might then realise that dreaming is something, not nothing! 😀

    • I agree Suzy, we all can’t be dreamers nor all monotonous. It’s good to have both, and it would be nice if people were accepting of the differences. My boss asked me once what I would be doing on vacation, and I told her probably paint and write and she looked at me all strange. Apparently those are not things that normal people do but they make me happy. She was probably expecting me to say travel or something, and as much as I do love traveling, I can also travel in my own mind… which probably sounds crazy if I said it out loud, lol.

  4. P.S. I keep forgetting to mention your lovely header – it’s gorgeous!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    Created by you I guess? What fun us dreamers have with our headers!! 😆

    • Ah yes, I did away with the wings and put this one together. Took me awhile because Photoshop wasn’t agreeing with the text but I figured out how to fix it. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Thank you!

  5. Something about that last stanza makes me thing about all the times I have trouble explaining my dreams and ideas to my more practical friends. It’s like we’re from two different worlds.

    • Right?! Apparently I’m not smart because I don’t have a master’s degree like everyone else around me that are also dying to pay off their debt. Or that I should find a man that has enough money to support me instead of trying to find someone that I might marry that I’m actually in love with. Our ideas differ, and as much as I respect their choices, people don’t respect mine and it’s frustrating.

      • I get the master’s degree one a few times. The big thing from the people around me is that I’m trying to make book writing my career while everyone else is either a lawyer, teacher, doctor, or scientist. It’s like a stereotypical Jewish career checklist. 🙂 Hope you eventually get some respect and don’t let anyone talk you into a path that doesn’t make you happy.

  6. one

    should never


    wild animals


    soft, fluffy

    deceiving appearances

    backed against walls

    scratch, bite


    I was once



    a wild rabbit


    I’m still haunted


    by their high screeching


    • I can’t picture a cute fluffy bunny screaming O_o I bet that was terrifying!

      They are wild for a reason I suppose. I’ll keep that in mind the next time I go hiking >_<

      • very strange


        my brothers and sisters

        wanting to play


        a wild jack rabbit


        our parents

        talked with us that evening

        discerning TV land depictions


        real life

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