244 ~ SuzyWordMuser ♥

If time could stand still
If only for a day
I would invite you over
For some tea time play

We will share stories
And I’d bake a few treats
Listen to some music
That have us up on our feet

And with a little bit of stardust
I’d give us wings to fly
Past the second star to the right
And straight on into the sky

I know your birthday has passed
And it left you a little blue
But I just want you to know
That I absolutely adore you

P.S. I saw this doll and immediately thought, “I have to show Suzy!” xx

Tu sais pour toi j’ai une faiblesse

Eighth_Doctor_Doll_Cosplay_by_Niki_UKSi si, pour toi un-e faiblesse

Photo Credit: Niki-UK

27 thoughts on “244 ~ SuzyWordMuser ♥

  1. Oooooh! That was a double shock, shock! 😯 😯 Haha – made me smile real big! 😆 But I’ve got tears in my eyes now too! 😥 Happy ones!! That’s so lovely of you Brit! 😀 You’re the first person to ever write a poem about me – and so many miles away too! And – oh wow – you found a Dr Who doll!! Those dolls seem to come in every design you can imagine, I’m getting to like them a lot, and I keep seeing them everywhere on the internet now. I must have had my eyes shut to them before! 🙂

    And you’ve covered many relevant subjects in that poem, and so beautifully rhymed too! And that teatime with you sounds a wonderful fantasy treat – and you never know we might just manage it one day – if I can just catch the Doctor next time he’s passing by! He’s likely to materialize the Tardis in the middle of your living-room you know, so make sure you’re prepared, and if you here this sound, you’ll know we’ve arrived! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6yXa_rWyy0

    You are so very sweet, and so good at writing poems about other people too! Thank you adorable girl, you’ve really made my day, and I adore you too!! GrowlTigger will be so pleased! 🙂

    And I love that song! I’ll have to get a copy of that. 🙂 Bits of it (the base sounds) reminds me of a Scissor Sisters song called Filthy/Gorgeous, from my favourite album of theirs – so a perfect choice, makes me feel 36 again, that’s a whole nine years off my age!!
    Suzy ♥ xxx ♥

    • I’m surprised someone hasn’t yet! 😯 You are wonderful, charming, and choc full of knowledge and tidbits. And since we are mind twinsies, did you see this one coming? LOL. I actually had a different post planned for today but when I saw the doll, I knew it was perfect to put together a post for you. And I woke up super early this morning so I had adequate time to do so 😀

      I tried to cover the things you liked and have talked about. It could have been longer but I wanted to keep the flow on related subjects pertaining to you. Hmm, hopefully no surprise Tardis will materialize in my living room, it would frighten me!

      You know me and my tributes. I don’t really do the award thing, so this is my way of showing fellow bloggers here how much I appreciate them and their friendship. I had been meaning to do one for you for awhile, but as my writing goes, something has to trigger it, otherwise it doesn’t work out the way I want them too. My mind is strange, I know ^_^

      The song was the toughest part, but since you have been listening to Camille, I figured a french song was in order and I knew one that I had in my archives that I love. I’m glad you loved it too! ♥

      • I know we are mind twinsies – but I really didn’t see this poem coming! You must have blocked the mind transmission or something!!! 😀

        And you woke up super early to get this ready? Wow – well, that means a lot Britt, you do put a lot of effort into your blogging! Your comments are always lovely to receive – and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed how hard you work at this!

        And I think that’s a great idea to show appreciation, much better than blog awards. We should have a link in our sidebars to the appreciation poems, instead of blog awards!! 😆

        It’s a real joy communicating with you Britt across all these miles!! 😀

  2. Wow! What a lovely surprise. A nicely worded poem had so many little relevant lines and a lovely tribute to a friend ( little sis to me). The doll was a brilliant find – I followed the link to Niki-UK on deviantart and there is a nice explanation – it is a tribute to the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) and a neat creation. Thank you Brit, from a grateful Tigger (Paul).

    • Suzy is special to me, and I wanted her to know that. I had my fingers crossed that she would like it, and as long as it brought a little sunshine for her, it would make my day a little brighter too. I had stumbled upon the doll while working on another post, so I put that one on hold when I saw it. Not sure who the 8th Doctor is, but I figured either you or her would know since you both love the show, lol. ^_^

      • Thanks for a lovely reply and for making a special effort with the post. The blogging community is full of many wonderful people, and you are certainly one. 🙂

        I know it is probably too much information but for anyone who is interested – the 8th Doctor was the one in the TV movie (1996). His costume sort of looked Victorian, particularly the jacket. The doll pic was a good recreation of one of the film publicity photos – see here: http://chairwithapanda.wordpress.com/eighth-doctor/

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