243 ~ Shift

Your colors
Change like the season
And I don’t know
The rhyme or reason

If I could keep you I would
If you love me it’d be understood

But your colors
Albeit they’re strange
Never stay constant
Always begging for change


Speaking of change, I will be making one to this project moving forward. There will no longer be a song posted every day.

It’s time consuming finding songs and pictures related to my post so something has to give. My personal life is going to get busier, which is a good thing, but not so great when it comes to this blog.

~ Britt

Photo Credit: *Yuki-Arisu

23 thoughts on “243 ~ Shift

  1. It happened to me too…in fact, I think I was following you for a little while in what you were doing….a poem, a song. But we do not always want to post a song. And sometimes we want to post two. And sometimes I feel so low that I do not want to post anything at all….so, yes, ahead of you I also stopped being locked into that….

  2. completely understandable removing the songs. I know just how much of a pain it is to hunt for the perfect accessory only to find you have spent more time on it that the main post. Fret not tho, the real fruit is in your writing and I think we can all be perfectly happy with just that. Although I will have to agree that if you could keep pictures it would be a pleasant gesture well met. Carry on ^_^

    • It’s just that music means a lot to me J, and my very first post on this blog was one of my favorite music videos. But then this blog shifted into something else – a combination of music, poetry and pictures. Made things a little more complicated :). Plus I haven’t found any good music lately, and that leaves me a little bummed. Plus work and personal obligations leave me with less time to play with this project >_<

      • It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, just hold back a bit and maybe you will stumble upon more time….you never really know. But I know the pain heralded by the collapse of sufficient time. I can still feel the dead weight dragging me away from my site. I mean when I first started I was putting up 12 posts a day…but with it not being my full time job and all, it was to trying to keep it up. Then finally I had to pull the plug when it all just became too overbearing. It’s a lot of work to do for free…and even more so when you have deadlines set. But at least I can have faith your resolve, and continue to vicariously step in stride with you, thru the vivacious murals painted here,

        • It definitely won’t be a permanent thing. Just taking a step back a little from it ^_^ Thank you always for you encouragement and your friendship *hugs*

          p.s. 12 posts a day is a lot! 😯

  3. Some people are like chameleons! Their colours are unpredictable! Best avoided altogether! 🙂 And the eyes on those dolls are just wonderful!!♥

    I agree about the music everyday – it must be very hard to find something appropriate. When I first started my blog, I did posts everyday for a while, but I didn’t get into the music videos every day, that would have been too much. I think you do an amazing job, but you really need to look after yourself – don’t get too stressed, especially over a blog!! 😀

    • They are! And so are their hearts.

      These boy dolls are gorgeous and I love the eyes on them ^_^

      If I didn’t have other things going on and time wasn’t an issue, I do enjoy working on my posts. This project has been a labor of love and of my thoughts so it’s still kind of an online diary for me, lol. But I’m hard on myself in a lot of aspects of my life no matter how big or small, and I push myself through challenges but will concede to this one. 😛

  4. Hi Britt
    I fully understand, I generally only post music with my main longer posts, not usually with poetry or photography, but even then after writing 2000 odd words I can spend twice as long trying to find a song to match the content and one I haven’t used before, it gets harder and a longer process each time. This all leaves less time for reading and commenting on the blogs I like. So do you what you have to do, just don’t stop with your words, I for one would miss them!

    • Hello Wayne, still you seem to find a lot of music to go with your posts which is awesome. But yes, sometimes it takes twice as long to find accompanying songs to go with the content, and as of late, I had to use the search function on my own posts to see if I have used a certain song before! Definitely leaves less time for reading and commenting on blogs I like – speaking of which I have to play catch up with my reader in a few minutes!! ^_^

  5. change

    remains a constant

    the earth

    will always change

    evolve and live



    only moments

    treating the eye

    before saying

    good bye

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