242 ~ Selfish

Time may heal
A heart that aches
But can also break
A heart that waits

And in between
The turmoil of the two
Is a chance to be found
By a love that is true

I’ll pick up the pieces
And pack them away
Find the inner courage
To not let you stay

No longer an option
Or waiting in the wings
No longer your puppet
Orchestrated on strings

You keep me guessing
It’s just what you do
For the only person
You care to see is you


Photo Credit: Bee-Tea

51 thoughts on “242 ~ Selfish

  1. I love this, Britt.

    It’s so heartfelt, but you see: Selfishness is good, till the point it starts hurting others. If ‘self’ becomes an obsession and the center of life’s choices it becomes a problem. Selfishness = good, self-centeredness (is that a word?) = bad

  2. There was a really creepy old puppet in a shop I saw the other day, slightly antique. I was thinking of posting it to a certain person with no explaination, on reflection taht would be quite cruel

      • Well with no explanation and given it is such a dastardly little thing. It would be like a metaphore for some of her behaviour. So it would do her head right in. I gathered I got better things to spend my lack of money on regardless.

        • I would have simply asked to take a photo of said puppet. Wouldn’t dare buy one, they’re too creepy to take home! And I would have found that scenario amusing ^_^ Nothing like messing with someone who messes with your heartstrings.

          • Well I imagine revenge as a Chinese finger trap, the more you pull and struggle, the longer you are trapped in the difficulty. Maybe I should send one of those instead

      • People keep sending me messages about your poems whenever I reblog them. I hope they’re going to your blog and reading and leaving you the same.

          • LOL. Sometimes people read things and they don’t know what to make out of it, and others can see past that and see a person. I’ve always had the ability to see people clearly, and I’m drawn to talented people because they’re so much more creative and interesting than everyone else. I’ve been getting some readers via your blog, which is kind of interesting. They’ve all been pretty quiet. Maybe it’s the audience. LOL.

            • LOL! Well I know my fellow bloggers here have expressed to me that they read my comments, and if they are intrigued by what someone has said, they will go to their blog and see what they’re about. ^_^ I am surprised about the quietness though. 😯

              • Everyone is different in this respect. I leave comments for you, not for others. If I say something, it’s something I am saying directly to you. When I re-blog something, it’s because it struck a chord and I wanted to share your hard work with others.

  3. Ooh 😯 those puppeteers – definitely beware of the puppeteers! I just looked up that word on Wiki and this is what it said: ‘A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object, such as a puppet in real time to create the illusion of life. The puppeteer may be visible to or hidden from the audience.’ It sounds like a basic explanation, but when you look at that description in a personal way, like you’ve described in your poem, it takes on a whole new meaning (unless I’m seeing more in there than there is?)

    I shut out and refuse to communicate with a person who I can see is a manipulator, and I refuse to be an inanimate object – I haven’t got a dead mind – I choose to be alive. And so any kind of illusion of life that they would wish to create with me, just doesn’t happen. And they are always visible to me – because I choose to see them. Puppeteers can’t hide their craft from me! And it’s no surprise that they often don’t like me!! πŸ™‚

    I kind of get the feeling from our previous conversations and in this poem, that you are very aware of them too! To not feel controlled by anything or anyone, is the greatest freedom a person can have. πŸ˜€

    • Yes, it takes on a whole new meaning. Though I have always been one to personify inanimate objects; not as a puppeteer, but to give life to non-human things.

      Aware, but sometimes you don’t see it until it ends. Age and wisdom grant us insight on that.

  4. last few lines…ouch….a man there I think….hope all is well, feels like a hard space between the poem and the image…all best wishes, J

  5. Oh my…I adore this picture…Please know it is not my intent to take away from the complexity and cleverness of your note, Love the begining, because to my heart it holds true…always lead me to believe “Pain is temporary…scars are forever”. But the ending was quite a skillful allusion. That picture just shot it thru me…a way to keep it close, with he benefit of showing that there can always be weaved a second thread to control presumed controler.

    • I am so happy you saw that. There are two puppets in the photo, not just one πŸ˜‰ I let readers the take and apply what they can from the words and pictures, but there is always an alternate meaning in my selections. You can take it at face value, or delve in deeper. xx

  6. This was profound on a couple of levels. I often wonder who is controlling whom in my relationships! lol Well done!

  7. I just read this about 20 times and will continue reading this even more. I know that there is a lot of meaning behind this.This is amazing, thank you for sharing this. I really enjoy reading all of your work! Hope you are doing well today, Britt!!

    • Thank you Tyler. This year has been a rough one in regards to relationships or lack thereof. I think if people just stopped playing games and were honest, it’d go a lot smoother for both parties. But there are a lot of people still dependent on manipulation and lies. Finding an honest guy or girl is rare but for now, I’m taking a break before I lose hope completely. I hope you are doing well too.

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