240 ~ Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sammiches

This is something that I actually made last week, but since it was still NaPoWriMo I didn’t get a chance to write about it, and I didn’t want to make a poem about soup.

At Nordstrom Cafe they have this Roma Tomato Basil Soup, which I fell in love with so I decided to try a hand at making it. I followed and tweaked the recipe I found here: Chef Mommy.

I should have considered the ingredient volume before making it because I had to split it into two pots and had to run it through my Vitamix in 6 separate batches.


And what’s better than grilled cheese to accompany this soup? Nothing, unless you’re making it in this. I was gifted this many Christmas’ ago and now just finally brought it out to play.


It was delicious. Jp hates tomatoes but she enjoyed it just as much as I did. Especially since she was sick! I told her not to come back home from Canada with an International Disease, but she still did 😦


People at work saw us eating this and commented about how much they liked the tomato soup from Nordy’s. I guess it’s a good thing I made such a huge batch because I was able to pack some up for the moms at work. I know that they’re busy and can’t make a home cooked meal for their family sometimes (or even themselves!), so I packed some in mason jars and pyrex for them. Next time though, I will remember to scale down recipes if necessary ^_^


The weather is so strange out here. Super hot one day, and raining the next like this morning. Boo. But I will be looking into summertime-ish recipes soon.

~ Britt

62 thoughts on “240 ~ Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sammiches

  1. Yummy! 🙂 Home made soup is so good, but I think perhaps one pot would be enough! 😆 A year or so ago Suzy got me into making butternut squash and parsnip soup – now I have it about 4 days a week.

    • Suzy mentioned it awhile back during a conversation about parsnips and adding cashew to a soup to help with her dry hands. I still haven’t gotten around to making that yet.

      Yes, one pot would have been quite enough, but for some reason I keep cooking like I’ve got a family to feed, lol. 😆

    • Hahaha yes! Enough for legions – I love that. I live by myself so I tend to either freeze leftovers so I don’t have to cook as often, or bring them to work to share. ^_^

      • I think it’s great that you share what you make like that. I’ve always cooked for far more people than will possibly ever be present for any meal, but I never have anyone to share it with.
        I don’t have the energy a lot of days to really throw something major together, so I try to chop veggies when I have energy, because throwing a salad together at 10:00 a.m. is easier than when I’m ready to fall on the floor from hunger. I will marinate things overnight and toss them in the oven way before needing them, just to save myself time and energy. The only person I will cook for on a separate basis is my brother, because I refuse to let anyone else fuck up my kitchen and he is one of the messiest cooks on God’s Green Earth! I always cook for my friends when they visit or when I visit them, and I swear they’re the only ones that really appreciate it, except maybe my Aunt.

  2. Have I told you today how wonderful you are? I love that you made some for the busy mom’s at work. Trust me they appreciated it more than words can express. Things like that are precious to mom’s and friends 🙂 xoxo

    • If I can’t pass a smile on via paper, at least I can do it with a bowl of soup. 😉 Plus I get a kick out of people telling me how much they love my food. When people look at me, they don’t expect me to be the type that likes to cook at all – not sure why. So it’s a nice surprise to them, and makes me happy to know that I can actually make yummy things. xoxo

  3. Mmmm!!♥ That sounds delicious! I do love tomato soup, used to be a favourite as a child too, reminds me of my mum. 🙂 And a grilled cheese sammiches sounds just right! I have to admit though tomato soup is something I only have occasionally, because it’s one of those foods that undoes all the good that Parsnips do for my skin. The citric acid in the tomato really makes my skin sore if I have it more than once in a while. 😦 I’m an odd person when it comes to food, I do eat very healthily, but there are some very healthy foods that my body just doesn’t like – it’s so annoying!

    Your sandwich toaster looks very sweet! 🙂 It’s a long time since I had a hot sandwich from a real toaster – I just stick mine under the grill! I remember if you were too impatient to eat the yummy sandwich, severe burning of the tongue from the contents inside was experienced. And then you couldn’t taste anything for the rest of the day!

    I put some recipes up on Jottify a few moths ago, as they have a recipe section, and I meant to put some more up, and possibly on the blog, but I’ve been too lazy to put it all together. 😦 Or perhaps I’ve been too busy writing stories – I’m not sure which! 😀

    • It’s something I’ve tried recently – I have had other forms of tomato soup before, but this one was different since it had carrots and whipping cream in it instead of just a tomato base. I haven’t had any reactions to tomatoes yet, but I don’t have them often so that could be the case.

      It was a wonderful and thoughtful gift since I love Hello Kitty products. Makes cooking a bit more whimsical and fun ^_^. I just have a hard time getting around to opening Christmas gifts for some odd reason. They just collect dust until I feel the urge to use them. Silly Suzy, I try to let hot items cool down before eating them. BUT that’s not always the case. The inside of my mouth starts peeling when I neglect the cooling process. 😦

      Do I have to have an account to view your Jottify recipe section?

      • Ooo – the inside of your mouth peeling – that sounds painful! 😦 I get a very dry mouth or sore throat if I eat hot food, especially hot drinks. I’m always cooling foods down now days!

        You can view all works on Jottify without having an account, it’s very open! Commenting, clicking likes and uploading a work can only be done by having an account. So if you want to look at my recipes here’s a link to my main page on there. http://jottify.com/writer/wordmuse/
        Just scroll down, click the show more button to find the recipes a bit further down the list. Only three on there, a mushroom soup, and two dips. Must do some more soon, I’ve got loads of recipes of all sorts that I carefully perfected and saved in a file on the computer, seems a pity that no-one else can see them. 😀

  4. Yum…love soups, I make a lot of them…made a bean and tomato curry tonight….but soup, well that sounds good too!

      • it is a fiery one….steam the beans..(green ones I mean), till almost cooked. Then cook onions and garlic, then mustard seeds till they pop, then chillis, then the tomatoes in….cook for a while…season with salt…a bit more than usual. Then in go the beans…cook a bit more, then lemon juice….it is a side one usually. I think an actual curry book would do rather better….that is pretty basic, like me!

        • Basic is usually the best. You can taste the flavors more without all the extra fussy stuff ^_^ That sounds really delicious John. You should post up food you make too!

          • I occasionally do that … such a hassle taking the photos and emailing them to myself or something….I hardly remember. Well, ok, I will think about it…but it’d have to be better than green bean curry….lol

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