237 ~ Questions

Will you still love me
If my smile isn’t as bright
If my eyes do not shine
And my laughter isn’t as light

Will you still find me beautiful
If the tears stream down my face
If the only sounds that escape
Are of pain and of disgrace

Will you still want me
If you hear all my stories
If you can feel the darkest parts
And see me without the glory


It is so easy to love
Someone happy and secure
But to love me for me
For that I am unsure

Skeletons smile from my closet
As they hang by their necks
Mistakes are made one after another
Oh so simple but complex

For I am a mix of colors
Though shades of grey do fit me best
But will you still love me
Once you see my soul undressed?

i__m_starting_to_scare_myself_by_R727 copy

Photo Credit: R727

72 thoughts on “237 ~ Questions

  1. Reblogged this on Ekhava and commented:
    Will you still love when I undress and all you see are the scars and marks of many fought battles.
    Will you still love me when I choose to look more within instead of without and all you can do is be there for me.
    Will you still love unconditionally, with all you’ve got and all you are.
    Will you step in the hornets nest with me and help me clean out my closet and still be in love with me!

    • I was feeling a bit down and tired last night when I wrote this, so I was surprised to find these words reached so many people. Thank you for the encouragement.

      • Girl… Yes… Simple… Hardly… Just in reading your work, I have seen a wonderful mind and a strong spirit… Talent flows in your words and you have talent that only enhances your beauty… 😉

  2. If they have any sense at all or any soul to speak of then the answer is a simple yes. If they lack these things then they are simply not good enough for you 🙂

    • I think the most difficult part would be opening up to someone new again. It’s kinda scary, lol. If I were to really like someone, it would hurt if they didn’t understand all parts of me or didn’t accept it. Either love all of me, or not at all. ^_^

  3. Very good point, so well said! 🙂 To love someone in the real sense of love, despite their imperfections is very hard! And I’m never quite sure if I just failed to love the man I was with and his million imperfections, or maybe I did the right thing rejecting how it was effecting me. I know that sounds a bit silly, because obviously him having an affair, and then making excuses about it afterwards, does seem a valid chuckable reason!! But I look at him now, and think “how sad you are!” And I don’t mean that in a mocking way, I really mean it, some people are unlovable, because they push everyone away with their repulsive behaviour! And of course – I’m absolutely perfect, not a flaw in me!!! 😉

    Maybe I’ve got some of those smiling skeletons in my closet, I’ll have to check again! 😆 I love that line, marvellous!! Not too many I hope, leave some room for your clothes!

    Did you know, that if you put my user name in a Google search it comes up with your poem as the first search!! 😆

    I left a comment on pj’s blog, and a link to a waffle house in my city. If you have a look at the website, and then put in the name of the city in a Google image search followed by ‘castle’ you should be able to see the lovely white castle which I look at while I wait for a bus!! Used to be a moat surrounding it, nearly a thousand years ago – just a place to get a bus home now!! 😀 It’s really beautiful at the moment, surrounded by pink cherry blossom trees at the base of the hill – it’s looks very magical in May! 😀

    • There is a difference between imperfections and boundaries one should not cross my dear Suzy ♥

      I do have a past but without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Perhaps in future posts I will talk about them in detail, but there are things about me that are really not pleasant. I am calm now compared to how I used to be and still partially am, but I embrace it for they are a part of me. And yes, I do make room for my shoes and clothes but the skeletons remain. They smile because they know they played a part in my development, and yes, I keep them fashionably dressed 😉

      No, I haven’t googled searched anyone! But that is interesting. I tried the instructions – Norwich Castle is it? Can’t see any pink cherry blossom trees from that photo but I’m sure more in-depth searching will lead me to it on the internet ^_^

      • Here’s a really strange coincidence! When I mentioned the castle and cherry blossom, I didn’t realise, that Paul had taken some good ones of that very scene a few days ago. And he’s put them up on his new photo blog yesterday! How perfectly timed was that!!?? 😀 He’s hoping a photo blog will get him taking more pictures, and improve his skills. Photography can be a bit aimless if you have no reason for taking pictures. So here’s a link, and yes it is Norwich Castle! http://growltiggersphotos.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/cherry-blossom-2/

        • The photos are gorgeous! I hope he continues to work on his photography craft. I’ve seen some bloggers on here that take these awesome photos, and I find them to be truly gifted in what they do, but it does take practice (as with anything else). 😀

  4. Yay! I love it hun. I so agree with it. I always wonder with my past, if I truly let someone in again, will they love me or leave me. Hate me and deny me, or accept me and care for me.

    • People always say that if someone doesn’t accept you as a whole (past & present), then at least you know they weren’t worth your time. But what if you had already invested the time in letting someone in… only to be let down because they are ignorant and judgmental? I haven’t come across any such individual yet, but it’s all based on the roll of the dice. Love involves risks and I have yet to test out the waters again on this. The thought does play out in the back of my mind though – constantly.

      • It’s the hardest thing. the JERK was that one. I thought he loved me and accepted me, but when I told him what happened to me in my past, everything changed. It was my fault he told me. I was told I lied to him, no he had selective hearing. He told me if we were to ever stay together, that I had to change. And only then maybe he would accept me. (I’d say the changes, but they’re coming in a post I’m doing for Melanie.) I won’t lie, it’s scary thought, and even scarier experience, makes me shy away a lot more. Hold onto my heart so much more so.

        • It was NOT your fault, if you are referring to the cause of your PTSD. I can’t believe how insensitive he was! Some people choose to listen to what they want even if the truth is speaking loud and clear. Never change to impress anyone, they should be impressed that you do not change to please others. – Saw that quote somewhere and it kind of stuck with me.

          To let others see us for all that we are, is a scary thought. My ex said he did love me. But at times I had wondered about it because he would always take something from my past and throw it in my face during fights. It wasn’t a great feeling so I’ve shied away from getting close to anyone after that. But love involves risks and I think I’m ready to face them now.

          Looking forward to that post for Melanie. xx

          • He was quite insistent that it was my fault. I asked for it. And it was then that I started to look at him differently. Then I really noticed how he was.

            Im working on getting to let my heart loose again. Just more guarded. I know I need to be, just not as tight as I am keeping it.

              • Yeah…
                One day I will. I know it will come. I’m getting past the hardest issues, making progress. My therapist said she is proud of me. I admitted that I cannot control the actions of others. It’s a step.

  5. These two lines “But will you still love me Once you see my soul undressed?: made me cry (and you know why.) this is poignantly beautiful my sweet friend and blogger twin! These are questions I ask myself often… Thank you for this heartfelt poem

  6. Don’t worry boo. I’ll always love you no matter what. And I know that if I ever change you’ll still love me.

    Love you too,
    Jp 🙂

  7. i’m sure he will when your soul is undressed. there is strength in that as I see it. I especially liked the last two stanzas. that last stanza in itself can speak for itself as that of the muse. finding love in the words makes sense too…:)

    • They say if you love someone, accept their past and leave it there. Someone did love me once for all my horrors, and he still does. Another one used it against me quite effectively. Only time will tell what the future man will do.

  8. The best way to see someone is without blinders, i will always see deeply your genuine heart and wonderful sharing spirit! When i think of you that is what I see, that is what really makes it easy to love someone my sister! One will always love you when they always see the real you deep behind your outward door. You poems are always a treasure Britt! Blessings!

    • Sometimes I question this… it’s really hard for me to open up truly – lay everything out for all to see. Always afraid that my future love will use my past against me.

      Blessings to you as well ^_^

      • A real love will hold nothing against you as you are the one who delights their world and life! They will always let you know that to love you is a treasured gift and even when faults appear, they will not be held against you for love is always forgiving and thrives on the breath of joy it receives from your heart…it will never seek to let you go but will always remind you how important and meaningful you are to their day, for your smile is their smile, you embrace their embrace and your life their life, your love is their jewel. And you complete their dream always! Blessings!

  9. very poignant post fairytale, it is very hard to open up, not knowing the outcome. It takes a lot of courage.

    • It’s hard when your heart is on the line, not knowing if the person you love with accept or reject you once they get to know you better. Yes, it does take a lot of courage.

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