236 ~ Thunder Buddy

Tonight let’s crawl
Underneath these sheets
Rain against the window
Play like music on repeat

Where I will find comfort
Against thundering alarms
Shielded in the safety
Of your loving arms

The warmth of your body
Seep underneath my skin
As it pours on outside
You flood me from within

And so I will fall fast
Into the depths of sleep
As I count dreams of you
Instead of counting sheep


These hearts adore
Everyone the other beats’ heart is for

Those_akward_moments_by_chibi_lilieInside this place is warm
Outside it starts to pour

Photo Credit: chibi-lilie

*It started raining here tonight out of nowhere. I can hear the water splashing against moving cars outside, and it reminded me of this song. If it is raining where you are tonight, I hope you have a thunder buddy. xoxo

Also, I am a little behind on my reader. I haven’t felt so well these past couple of weeks, but I will get around to catching up on everyone once the weekend rolls around! β™₯

58 thoughts on “236 ~ Thunder Buddy

    • Thank you Lisa. I’m surprised I haven’t acquired whatever sickness Jp has fallen to for the past 3 weeks, but my body has felt weak while fighting it. I’ve been spending most of my hours sleeping, but it never seems to be enough 😦 Hopefully it’ll pass and I will have the energy to get up and take care of things around the house today.

      • Some things hit us hard and come out nowhere. Sleeping more is a sign thay your body is fighting something off, or that you’re burnt out and exhausted. If it lasts for a longer period of time without any other side effects, or if anything changes that is off to you, you might want to see your doctor and make sure your blood work is good. It could be something as minor as being low on a vitamin. In our busy lives, we probably don’t always realize that vitamin deficiency can drain us. Whenever I feel something coming on, I increase my B12 intake. I try to get everything I need through what I eat though. Especially when I feel lousy.
        I hope whatever’s affecting you is something simple and that you start feeling better real soon. *Hugs*

        • At least it’s only temporary. I know there are people out there that have to deal with this on a daily basis and I commend their strength. It’s terrible feeling bed-ridden all the time. 😦

          As for the B12, I know I should take it based on my diet. If I don’t eat enough meat during the week, my energy levels are much lower. My dad got me these b12 vegan lozenges, but my stubborn butt hasn’t taken them yet. It still has the plastic wrap on the cap – I’m staring at them right now on my desk, LOL.


          • I know a lot of people that suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and other exhaustion based illnesses that leave them so incredibly drained. Sometimes I go days without sleep of any kind and other times I’m pretty sure my body has been glued to my bed. Thankfully I’ve been sleeping a little more normally of late, but it’s still an adjustment in terms of getting the right sleep schedule and not allowing myself to nap during the day. Just because I’ve worked for 10 hours and want to go to sleep at 11:00 a.m. doesn’t always mean I should.

            I’m big on eating a balanced diet. I have friends that are crazy about being vegetarians or vegans, which stresses me out because they can be unpleasant since they want me to do it with them. I just keep saying “You do what’s right for your body and I will do what’s right for mine.” Sometimes a girl just needs a burger! I’m completely salad obsessed though, so 50% of the time, or more, I have salad on the brain, which means it will soon be in a bowl. I feel good when I’ve gotten lots of fruit and veggies, but I also go insane without enough protein.
            I actually take B12 as needed, B6, Citracal because I really DO stay out of the sun and its the only way I’m going to get the extra Vitamin D I need. Occasionally I’ll take Vitamin C and a multi-vitamin, but my almost daily vitamin is biotin. It’s made an immense difference on my hair and skin. Whenever I haven’t taken it in a while, my skin starts to turn against me. I figure it can’t hurt one way or the other.
            Hope you’re feeling better hon. TTYS. I still have your e-mail to answer as well.

    • I guess best friends share everything – even diseases. My immune system is fighting it, but it seems some days are a struggle to even function at normal levels lately. Just need more rest I guess. Thank you for the well wishes Daan.

  1. My thunder buddy and I open the windows to let the storm really blow in, then double up the blankets, just to be safe. —–Chagall

  2. Hope you feel up to snuff soon. It feels like Spring is different this year, more gloomy, waiting for the summer heat. Your writing is still intact even though your not feeling well. ; )

    • This springtime weather hasn’t been so springy – more moody to say the least. And thank you, lately my mind has been feeling like mush and I’ve just been praying that whatever is published is coherent, lol.

  3. Yup, I was behind on my Reader too. Hope you get feeling better! Nope no Thunder Buddy, but maybe that will change here soon. Oh well, I’ll try not to think about it too much.

    • Thank you GE. I have a bit more energy today than I have been able to sum up lately. 12 hours of sleep would do that, but it still hasn’t felt like enough. No Thunder Buddy to speak of for myself either. I just build a fort of blankets around my body and listen to the rain fall as it sings me to sleep.

  4. First of all sweet friend…hope you get to feeling better soon! And I can never keep up with my reading! lol Second, DANG girl this was awesome! There is nothing like finding safety in someone’s arms πŸ™‚

    • Thank you β™₯ Feeling a bit more lively today. Well for you, I know you have family emergencies to take care of. For me, I’ve just been spending my hours sleeping. I feel like it has been a waste of time, but my body is shutting down so I can get rest and feel better.

      And yes, there is nothing like finding safety in someone’s arms πŸ™‚ Don’t mind being alone, but nights like that, I do miss having someone here.

    • I do, thank you. xx

      And I just absolutely adore that photo. You’re right… there is something special about it, but I haven’t been able to put what it is into words.

  5. Images of The Sound Of Music come to mind with this one – hope that’s not too cheesy!! And no – I haven’t got a thunder buddy, but I shall survive! πŸ˜€

    It’s been raining here too, last night, and right now – real sound effects to your poem! Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling not so bright. 😦 Hope you are back to normal (whatever that is) very soon!

    Have not been feeling too sharp myself, and Paul has had the horrible virus going round too, made us feel terribly tired. Not too good for writing, really kills the inspiration – with “what I am writing about here anyway” feelings!!

    It appears we have to have the rain, in order to see a rainbow. So maybe some rainbows are on the way – I hope they’re damn impressive! πŸ˜€

    • LOL! Not too cheesy since I love The Sound of Music ^_^

      I think it’s just a cold, but Jp’s been sick for 3 weeks so it could be something else? Not sure since she refuses to go see a doctor about it – stubborn child. Oh noes! It could be a common virus that just keeps on keeping on. Sounds like what I’ve been struggling with as of late. I thought it was because of work, but when my body couldn’t shake of this tired feeling, I figured it was just fighting off the germs my best friend gave me, lol. Hope you and Paul get over it soon! It does kill the inspiration for writing >_<

      Haven't seen any rainbows yet – everything is just cold and grey outside :/

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