231 ~ Rainfall

They say the rain falls down
When the clouds can’t hold the weight
So if the pain starts to build behind my heart
Then my eyes will share the same fate

Those nights I cry myself to sleep
The tears will wash my sight
But I know I will wake up the next day
With a clearer view of life


*Normally I would pick a few lines from the song I like, but if I like all the lyrics I can’t well post them all. I told Suzy once that sometimes a song will explain some feelings I can’t put into my own words – this is one of them.

36 thoughts on “231 ~ Rainfall

  1. Love this song. Like your poem too! Funny how often we think of rain and tears, yet there is always a new way to say it…thanks Britt!

  2. This made me get all teary eyed. Thank you for sharing your heart, my friend. I like the hope in the last stanza…it gives me strength…much needed right now! ♥♥♥

  3. Oooh this is sad!! 😦 And sometimes the things we grief upon can be magnified at night, it can all get a bit weird, and the morning can make things feel so different. But when you wake up in the morning and it still feels the same – that’s when know you’ve got a bad case of the blues. I was so glad to leave those days behind!

    And that song is just wonderful!!! 🙂 I can imagine it even being sung with a lot of the heavy music stripped away – someone singing it on stage, maybe a musical – it would still sound really great! 😀

    • Some days I just get so tired so my emotions run high at night with no distractions, but I know that after a good nights rest, I will wake up renewed and feeling better. Plus a little cry here and there is good for the soul ^_^

      I knew of the song awhile back, but it didn’t speak to me until now. It’s just a mix of things, of darkness, of letting go. And I too can see it being sung w/o the heavy music. I should check YouTube to see if any one has done an acoustic cover. 😀

  4. Look at you, girl! Gorgeousness! Beautiful poem as well – I like the imagery in the first part, and the relief at the end of the 2nd. A good wave of emotions in a short poem. 🙂

    • Not too fond of the rain but I do love to swim! I’m definitely a water baby. My parents enrolled me in classes as a child, and I took four years of it in high school instead of regular PE. ^_^

      • Warm rain is amazing, just get well and truly soaked, jump in puddles and act (or in my case not acting) like an idiot. Fun 😀

        • I think it’s different in this city. One wouldn’t be able to jump in puddles for fear of being hit by a car, seriously. But I’m sure it would be pretty amazing in a quieter town or in the countryside 😀

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