228 ~ Release

When you spread your wings
You can’t see them shine
And how I’ve fallen for them
Each and every time

If only you could see
Just how beautiful you are
You’d finally understand
How you managed to set the bar

But butterfly I can’t keep you
Inside my jar of a heart
For no matter how many holes I poke
Your lungs will fall apart

So I will hesitantly lift this lid
To watch you flutter free
But know the door is always open
To the home you’ve made in me

You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely

__r_e_b_i_r_t_h___by_soturbow-d4s43y2And we’ll linger on
Time can’t erase a feeling this strong

Photo Credit: soturbow

43 thoughts on “228 ~ Release

  1. Lovely poetry! I enjoyed the butterfly concept. In life, it takes letting go of what you have in your hand to receive something worth much more.
    The best is certainly yours.

  2. Wonderful! You need to fix the ‘I’ve have’ typo. A small quibble for the excellence of the butterfly/bottle metaphor. Very elegant.

  3. Letting go something precious just doesn’t come natural to us does it? 🙂 I think we humans like to collect things and people, we don’t want to let them go. I’ve found at the point of letting go, whatever it is, whoever it is, that’s the point at which we actually gain something even if it is just freedom in the mind, a weight lifted. Letting go is essential, but you have to do it in your timing, never anyone else’s timing. I’m sure that’s why counselling doesn’t always work for people having trouble with the past, it’s not always coming from them. I’ve seen that in church counselling sessions – do it at the wrong time, and it’s as good as not done at all!

    I love your doll butterfly picture, so colourful and sweet! 😀

    • No, but it is learned 🙂 I stopped being possessive and controlling, realizing that it just pushes people away. If someone is important and means a lot, of course we don’t want to let them go because we enjoy having them in our life. At this point though, I’m not letting go of the person really, just the idea of wanting to be with them. ^_^

      It was a hard decision, and it came down to two. The other was cute as well but it was in b&w and I wanted color! 😛

    • My heart is saddened a little but we agreed to always stay in each others lives. If the past decade is any indication, we are always pulled back to each other in some way. And I am okay with that 🙂

  4. If I could only meet someone half as amazing as you, I would be a lucky man. Very beautiful, I’ve never been a fan of “If you love something set it free”, but that doesn’t have bearing on the jewel that is a sacrificed love. I once had to let someone go I really cared for…because it was better for them….both mentally and physically. It is painful, yet there is some comfort in knowing that even tho Cupid never found his mark, you paid the highest price you could to see their hearts bloom.

    • Holding someone captive never works out, so the only remedy is to let them go. Not completely in my current situation, but no longer entertaining the idea of being more which isn’t in the cards at this point. If he doesn’t want to be with me, than that is his choice to make. I just want to see him happy.

  5. Sweet of course, but that love song my goodness me,,,working in it Britt, working on it, so working on it. I love what you do, but my goodness you make me work for those love songs of yours!

      • No I am fine…have to go to work though….and yes I am glad you like it when I am silly – others would take it as being stupid….lol indeed

  6. I mean working on it of course….idiot that I am….sorry, you know. Well it was dumb.

  7. Plus forgive the excess commas….just so drunk but love being here…love it, you, etc.

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  9. Letting go is so darn hard, but I’m learning that it is a gift you can give to yourself and the other person. Spread your wings sweet, friend. ♥♥♥

  10. How did i miss this???? Beautiful.
    For some reason wp wouldnt let me comment on the post with you reading the poem.. Your soft voice fits perfectly!

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