227 ~ Lazy Sunday Reading

As requested by Leo, here is a reading of my post# 229 ~ Release. YouTube is giving me issues (no surprise there). My last video was under FairytaleEpidemic, this one is under my email msxindependent. Not sure why, but whatever. And I love how the static picture is always of a derp face. *sigh* And I can’t fix the sound my lovelies, so just turn your volume up as far as it can go. ^_^


49 thoughts on “227 ~ Lazy Sunday Reading

  1. That’s so lovely to have you in my living room doing a reading again!♥ ♥ ♥ And yes I could hear it – with the volume up to the top!! You look more chilled with it all this time! And you looked at the camera more, which means we got to see more of your lovely eyes!! 😀

    I’ve been practising my voice readings. Paul gave me a headphone/mic that he had lying around unused. I got it all working, recorded a few test pieces, but the sound is a bit odd – I think it’s mono!! So I’m waiting for a new set to arrive from Amazon. In the meantime I will keep practising with the rubbish one! 🙂 The main issue I have with my voice, is it sounds sort of – sad, which I really don’t like! When I’ve knocked the sadness out of it, I shall open a SoundCloud account I think and upload it there and share it back to the blog. Might be a little while though – I take ages to do everything!

    I still think you are so brave going on You Tube – it’s a lot to concentrate on – voice and body, when you are not used to it – so very well done! I think I’d feel naked on there, even if I wasn’t! 😆

    • There was no way to fix the sound without taking extra steps and time by using other programs and methods, so I just gave up on the idea. I can hear it ok on my laptop, but my computer speakers have a higher volume setting so it’s pretty clear for me on there.

      You can see my eyes more because I actually memorized it so I wasn’t reading off my phone! ^_^

      Why does it sound sad Suzy? That’s good that you’re practicing though, I can’t wait to hear from you! Jp says my last video didn’t sound like me, that in person I sound different *shrugs*

      There was a better version of my reading, but my voice was a lot softer in that take so I picked this one instead. I think I did four trials this morning and just picked one that was the least awkward, haha. 😛

      • Yes I could see you had memorized it – you do work so hard Brit! ♥

        I’m not sure why it sounds so sad, I hope it’s not a sign that I’m feeling a lot more sad than I thought I was, but if it is, at least I’m aware of it now, that can’t be a bad thing. But it could just be not being used to reading poetry and hearing my own voice! 🙂

        I don’t think we ever sound like ourselves when reading something out loud – it’s not how we naturally talk is it? I think it’s quite a skill of observation and manipulation of voice to get it sounding very natural, very like singing I expect. At least you know you can’t pretend with your friends – they know you well! 😀

        • I think it could be you not used to reading poetry and hearing your own voice. I sometimes think I sound sad as well.

          No, it isn’t natural and my mouth moves funny when I read out loud, LOL. Yes, much like singing. Some people have accents but you wouldn’t know it when they sing!! So their speaking voice is different. ^_^

  2. That was awesome! I think it’s great when someone reads their poetry it gives it a whole new meaning. I’m not good at reading poetry, but I have a friend of mine who when she reads my poetry she makes me sound stellar…way better than the actual poem!!! lol

  3. Really like this! 🙂

    for some reason the like button is not working crumbs! May your day be filled with good times and happiness 🙂

    • My PP! It’s okay. You were telling me in the email how it wasn’t working the other day. Hope you had fun taking more photos, and I hope your day is filled with good times and happiness as well ♥

  4. nice job on this britt. you seemed much more relaxed in this one as compared to the very first one you did. if I remember correctly it was your first one that you had done….:)

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