223 ~ Masquerade

What shall I wear tonight
For our little masquerade
When the games we play
Are on double-edged blades

But I have grown tired
To play dress up with you
When there aren’t enough veils
To cover up the truth

Still I will follow through
Just for one more night
To participate in this waltz
Without putting up a fight

The entrance fee is my heart
And I have paid the biggest price
For I’ve given you everything I had
Without ever thinking twice

So the mask I choose tonight
Will say that I’m perfectly okay
For I know those are the words
You want to hear me say

Photo Credit: da-bu-di-bu-da

41 thoughts on “223 ~ Masquerade

  1. read



    trying to understand

    the brilliance


    the last stanza


    to be manipulated


    to keep appearances

    to keep

    the mask

  2. That song captures what you are feeling I think….wow you sound a bit low to me….sorry if so….take care…*hugs*

  3. I was talking with a doctor about this. Good poem. Acceptance is the mask until a person can choose to wear it. I think thats the day they become free.

  4. Masks are so easy to wear and sometimes so hard to remove, they are habit forming! I refuse to wear masks in my life now. If people don’t like the way I am, the way I speak, that’s though for them, but not for me. And life is too short to never really show your real face, to never know what it’s like to speak the truth!

    It’s interesting that you mention a waltz in there, because so many people are dancing the wrong dance, playing a dangerous game with the sanity of their mind. So well done for this one – very thought provoking! ♥ ♥ ♥

    The little hearts are my own now, I’ve found a way to do them, found something on Pinterest about the symbols. I had to go through the whole list of code because each one came out different to what they said it would! I stuck with it until the heart came up! So the code must vary with different computer programmes I suspect. There is a smiley that I used in that code system on Pinterest, and would you believe it, when I posted the comment it changed from a smile and came out as a sad face – I was horrified, I won’t be using that one again, could get me in some trouble!!! 😀

    • For the most part I refuse to wear them as well, but I have a weakness for a couple of individuals. I know I shouldn’t but at times I don’t even notice it until I feel myself suffocating, and I’m like, “oh, I have a mask on.”

      Masquerading involves dances so it fits into the theme and the image I was trying to portray in this poem. I’m glad you noticed that! And yes, many people are dancing the wrong dance, stepping on toes, apologizing for accidents, moving to a tune against their nature. ^_^

      I’m glad that you found a code that works for you!! And that sucks about the sad face. I’m sure that could be terribly misconstrued.

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