221 ~ Artifacts

You question all this digging
You ponder the merit of the quest
All the treasures I have bestowed
Can be found within your own chest

The stories that lay dormant
Are treasures to be told
The trinkets and old love notes
Will be worth their weight in gold

For archaeologists search for
Signs of life that was once lived
So let’s give them something to talk about
And a monument we shall give

Love, you are like the sea
All encompassing and deep
Swallowing everything you touch
Turning constellations in your sleep

So bury my heart in your memories
Let them swim to find what’s lost
Unearth the gems they are hunting for
To appraise the worth and cost



Photo Credit: Nezumi-chuu

40 thoughts on “221 ~ Artifacts

  1. Love is like the sea…can drown I suspect, but well, you keep finding jewels there….

  2. Searching for signs of life once lived – I love that idea! πŸ™‚ Sometimes it can be difficult to find them again! And my ex is a man who swallows everything he touches, and I hadn’t thought of him being like the sea, but yes, I think that’s what he is – things get lost in him. I’m glad I clamoured out before I drowned forever!! πŸ˜€

  3. Endlessly searching for rare and beautiful peals to be plucked from the oysters that line the sea bed huh?
    But just how do those divers hold their breath for so long?
    Amazes me!

    Love your words.

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