220 ~ Down Memory Lane

Going through photos from my old apartment, I realized Jp hadn’t met me yet when I was throwing a lot of social events. During this past week, I finally got around to cleaning out everything I had meant to in the past year, which means I really should start looking into the rest of the furniture I need to start hosting bigger get-togethers.

So here’s a short inspiration board of fooding memories to inspire future ones. ^_^

Live, love, and make lasting memories.



35 thoughts on “220 ~ Down Memory Lane

  1. That looks simply marvelous, brings a tug of desire to my stomach 😉
    I say that I would be most pleased at such a shindig, and would appear dapper should the venue require, quite dapper indeed!!

  2. Looks delicious! When can I come round? 😆

    What are those light coloured burger type things either side of the asparagus – they look really interesting!

    Did you used to have big gatherings before? My aunt (my mum’s sister) is one who has the big gatherings in our family, she lives in the same city, and has a reasonable large house and loves to cook, so it’s a good opportunity for all the family, uncles, cousins and children of the children of cousins to all get together! We have a couple of babies in the family now, which we haven’t had since the 90’s, so that’s cheered everyone up. Makes a change for someone to be born instead of die. Much nicer cards to buy anyway! 🙂

    Just thought I’d let you know that I have a picture up of myself on my Jottify profile if you want to see it! 🙂 http://jottify.com/writer/wordmuse/ Looks like I’m coming out of a black hole or at a party somewhere, no not all, took it about a month ago with my phone camera, and there was a bit of clutter in the background, thought it was distracting, so painted it out – handy Photoscape tools! But somehow I ended up in the dark – I’m working on a better one! Don’t think anyone has seen it yet, when I reply to their comments today I think they’re going to get a bit of a shock – I’ve been various forms of a ballet dancer for the last 10 months!! 😆

    • My dear Suzy, you are welcome any time! ^_^

      Oh, those are actually Texas Toast cheese bread. Sinfully delicious! LOL.

      They weren’t big, just a few close friends. It was easier to do when I had lived with my ex two years ago because I had a partner in crime. My current place is a lot bigger so I can host larger get-togethers now but I have been putting it off due to laziness, haha. That is lovely! I’m glad that cheered everyone up! 😀

      I actually saw it yesterday before this comment. I ventured off to your pinterest and jottify account. I was going to ask you about it but figured you would tell me when you were ready. You are absolutely beautiful ♥

  3. This all looks delicious. Wish we had known each other sooner. But I’m excited for future get togethers. And I’ll bring the dessert 🙂

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