217 ~ By Your Own Device

You can watch this castle crumble
Fall like ashes from a cigarette
Sparkling cranberry heart meets ice
Melting moments of regret

Mosaic condensation grows
On half filled cups, or better yet
Melted tears on napkins from a glass
Staining memories you’d rather forget

These words may not be pretty
But our souls are full and wet
Dancing to tunes made up in our heads
Morning wakes are filled with sweat

The times they are changing
But baby please don’t get upset
You wanted to test the waters
So your heart is what you bet

Staring down this barrel of a gun
Some would call Russian Roulette
You hesitate to pull the trigger
Liquor courage, match and set

Good eye, sniper
Here I’ll shoot, you run
The words you scribbled on the walls
With the loss of friends you didn’t have

___Chase_002____by_Salacia_MaoI’ll call you when the time is right
Are you in or are you out?
For them all to know the end of us all

Photo Credit: Salacia-Mao

27 thoughts on “217 ~ By Your Own Device

  1. Dear Britt…a sweet love poem, and a rock song.. , I like it – though not my fave music. And I am offering you an award (I know you do not want them as such) – but just recognition so to speak. http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/

    Thank you for being you…

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  3. This was very good. Awesome wordsmithing! The running scheme was well fit….something I always found difficult to do. Plus a little Coheed at the end doesn’t hurt at all 😉

  4. You used your word sword on this one sweet friend! Wonderful imagery and the rhyming was superb. “Mosaic condensation grows”…mmmmm…brilliant! xoxo

  5. Don’t shoot!!! 😯

    Very good one this one! And this is my favourite verse:♥
    ‘You can watch this castle crumble
    Fall like ashes from a cigarette
    Sparkling cranberry heart meets ice
    Melting moments of regret’

    Crumbling castles and melting moments of regret, sounds very fairytale – and very epidemic! 😀 And is the direction a lot of relationships go in, unfortunately! When I think of all the castle dreams I built in my head in the past, I feel really stupid now. 😦 But I suppose that’s what our brains naturally do, we meet someone we think is wonderful – and build castles in the sky for us to live in happily ever after. But nothing last forever, not even real castles! 🙂

    Do I sound a little depressed – I think I do! 😆
    I’ve got a virus hanging on me at the moment, causing an ear infection, so I can’t hear very well, and all my inspiration seems to be on hold too! 😦
    Are you feeling any better now – got rid of the mystery virus I hope?? 🙂

    • This was all written in one night, and was a raw piece that I didn’t have time to edit much since I was short on time (I had some typos I corrected).

      The problem with castles is that they all fall; all of them. Love inevitably succumbs to destruction as anything we build.

      This virus comes and goes. I think it all depends on how much rest I get. If I don’t get enough, my immune system suffers and I get plagued with the strangest things. And it’s not about being depressed, just being realistic. I think I have enough whimsical thoughts in my head that it needs to be balanced by reality once in awhile 😉

      I’m sorry to hear about the ear infection. Right now my head is just cloudy, and I feel like a zombie and I’ve got the sniffles. It’s not fun, and is putting a damper on my creativity as well. Hope this goes away for the both of us soon. 😀

      • Sounds very like what I have – coming and going and a cloudy head too! There we go again you see – it’s that twinsy thing! I really hope you get some good sleep and you get back to your bright self soon *hugs* for you Britt – to make it all better! 🙂

        • Thank you Suzy *hugs* Right now I think I need to be covered in tons of them, like a healing blanket. Being tired makes me very pessimistic and I don’t really like how I’m feeling right now. It’s a strange almost unreal experience.

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