216 ~ Butterflies and Girly Things

So I am almost done with 1/4th of my living room area. When I got my tree decal, I received these free butterfly ones which I hadn’t put up ’til last week. So I stuck them at my computer station and odd places around the apt, lol. Jp was like, you put a butterfly over your peep hole? And I was like, heck yeah, it’ll be like wearing a masquerade mask when I look through to see who’s at the door ^_^


As for the tree decal, I haven’t quite completed it with the frames yet because I am debating the photographs I had originally picked out and the colors of the ribbons I want to use. But I kind of have an idea…


So if you’ve seen my videos, this is where the filming takes place. It’s the room with the most light. I normally do not keep the blinds open this much because my neighbors are hella nosey, but I do open them up once in awhile.


It’s all slowly coming together. Slowly, but surely. I just need to stop being so lazy about it, because I am so tired when I get home from work that other things like cooking/showering/wordpressing/sleeping take priority. Now to work on post #216… I’m running a little bit behind. *bleh*


27 thoughts on “216 ~ Butterflies and Girly Things

  1. Completely love! As soon as I finally get my room painted, I have a mural to put up.. well paint.. then I have a string with bird paperclips for photos…

    It is awesome though. Looks so nice. The tree is awesome.

    • Thank you! β™₯ Uuu, you must post those pictures up when the time comes. This is like the 3rd post of my interior stuff so it’s all still a work in progress that I hope will be completed by the end of this year ^_^

      They wouldn’t let me paint so I had to find alternative ways to spruce up the place. When I saw the tree, I knew I had to have it.

  2. And butterflies…well they are amazing things really (I know I made that mean gif, but I was kidding, think Caterina was a little shocked), well this is sweet. very sweet. Like you. As everyone says, and for once they are all right!

    • They are and I hated them for the longest time, which is why I never did put them up. A part of me isn’t sweet John – a big part of me. You shall see in my upcoming posts. Birds of a feather flock together, and I think I fly best with those that are just as messed up as me. πŸ™‚

      • I know you are not entirely sweet….but it is the flame inside you that intrigues me….and that drives you to write your loveliest poems of love, most of them being a little bitter, I know. I can feel it. But the flame burns in you…and Iove that.

  3. That tree decal is so gorgeous Britt! It really makes the room quite beautiful! πŸ™‚ And that reminds me, I must get on and paint my cherry blossom tree in my bedroom this summer. I’ve been waiting for the warmer weather so I can leave the window open permanently after I’ve painted – I hate paint fumes, even emulsion ones – I have a very sensitive nose!! :o)

    I love the butteries!!! β™₯ And we can all see where you sit talking to us with your busy fingers now! Did you just swipe all the untidy bits off the desk before you took that picture, or are you incredibly tidy? *_*

    My desk doesn’t look so tidy – but it did before I opened a blog, bits of paper everywhere!! πŸ˜†

    • Thank you Suzy ^_^. Yes, you must!

      It was actually that clean at the time. It’s not now since I have my note pad out, my cell phone and nail polish. I’m doing my nails as I am typing this. I wish I was that tidy all the time, but messes happen πŸ˜›

    • Ikea. It’s two tables put into one. I got a free giftcard with the purchase of the couch (was a promotion), so they were both free for me, but they are relatively cheap and easy to move around – they’ve got clear wheels on the bottom.

      • I’m definitely going to have to locate them. They’re exactly what I wanted, but didn’t know I wanted. LOL. Do you know if they come in other colors?

          • I am definitely getting a few of these for a few different rooms, it’s worth it. They’re so inexpensive, I’m surprised. Were they difficult to put together or were they already in one piece out of the box? I’m trying to buy new furniture little by little, but a lot of what I like is over the top expensive or it’s inexpensive, but looks like I spent a fortune. I’ve had bar stools for my kitchen island for four years, I still haven’t figured out how to put the suckers together! I put my TV stand together out of sheer annoyance that I had to look down at the TV instead of have it level with the couch. LOL. I’m trying to take more pride in my home, which is why I inquired. BTW, I LOVE wall decals too. I am always finding so many on Etsy that are awesome. I want to have some made for the dining room once I buy a new set. Of course, the more I look around, the more I find myself inspired to paint.

            • I like to mix and match expensive and inexpensive pieces πŸ™‚

              Coffee table was pretty easy to put together compared to the other things in my apt, lol. I’m trying to as well Lisa, I had been putting it off for a long time. Wall decals are a wonderful way to decorate, like non-permanent tattoos for your walls ^_^ Did your bar stools not come with instructions? O_o

              • I mix and match a lot in my life. It helps balance out the extremes of my tastes.
                I’m not the world’s greatest decorator. I’m trying to just unpack and go room by room and leave my imprint on each one. Eventually, the end result will be something nicely pulled together.
                Yes, the bar stools came with directions. Visual directions, no words. I got fed up after the second screwdriver and I had a disagreement and went in search of my cordless drill. Now I can’t find the re-charger for it, and that’s frustrating me big time, so I will probably pick up a new one inexpensively and try and get them together in a few months. Something major always occurs and requires me to delay putting them together. It’ll happen in its own time.

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