212 ~ Aquarius

“The sun locks beneath Aquarius tempers,
And now the nights draw near to half the day,
What time the hoar frost copies on the ground
The outward semblance of her sister white,
But little lasts the temper of her pen.”

~ Dante Alighieri


What have I become?
My sweetest friend

air__1_by_y_n_y-d3ij1spEveryone I know
Goes away in the end

Photo Credit: Air . 1

*The disruption in my sleep schedule last week put me in a sour mood, hence the song. But this was a post I was working on at the time, and I’m okay now – a tiny bit more rested. So who else on WP is an Aquarius?

41 thoughts on “212 ~ Aquarius

  1. Nice, Dante is quite the bard eh? The divine comedy is a tough read…but is one of the few books of such impedance that I found fascinating Also I love this song…brings me back. between this and “change in the house of flies,” I don’t know which ushers me to my past catastrophes faster. obliged

  2. I’ve not heard of that poem before! I have heard of Dante though. Just been looking that up on Wiki – interesting, but very deep. If I’d read everything it had to say on it, I’d have been there a while! Must be some epic poem to have so much to say about it! A little like Shakespeare I guess, but a lot earlier. Are you Aquarius?

    I love that song ‘Hurt’ – Jonny Cash’s song as an old man, very powerful! Always thought that was great the first time I heard it. And that version is so good. It’s interesting that it works for a young man too. πŸ™‚

    I hope your tiredness leaves you soon, that’s miserable to feel tired all the time. 😦 Have been quite tired myself, virus still hanging on! And came across another two bloggers with the same symptoms yesterday, mainly unexplained tiredness. Both saying it’s sapping their desire to write, one is having a complete break until they feel better! It’s very odd that people all round the world seem to have the same symptoms. Must be all the travelling we do today, so many people fly often now, would spread a virus very fast I guess. When I was at school only about three kids in a class of thirty had a foreign holiday, I bet there’s only three that don’t have one now. And apparently airplanes are a common place to pick up a virus, because you’re stuck with a group of people for several hours with recycled air – not very human friendly! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I am an Aquarius ^_^ Haven’t met any on here yet, which is odd.

      The cover is good but I’m in love with the original.

      As for the tiredness, it comes and goes. Depends on how much sleep I get, which hasn’t been much as of late and sporadic at best. It also depends on my diet. If I cook every day, I don’t get as sick or tired, but with the busy schedule I’ve been keeping, I’ve been relying on pre-made foods which has not been working in my favor. Definitely zaps any and all inspiration to write. 😦

  3. I am shaking my head chuckling because I am of course an Aquarius. What else would your twin be?!? Lol

      • Well as much as people can perhaps in evasion, project negative character traits on their star signs. I still like to think that people are people

          • Well for those who do beleave you have 12 star signs, 2 or 3 for compatibility, so people miss out on 9 in 12 potential sexual relationship bonds, experiances or perhaps love. I think love is just ability to get on, satisfy, and compatibility of body and sexuality. I can be cold I suppose

  4. I love NIN, they are great !!! by the way, did you heard the cover that Johnny Cash did to that song ? A great cover. I had the opportunity to see NIN alive, I buy the ticket and all, only that this day I felt really sick and I didn’t get to the concert (… shame on me, buuuuu). I hope they will return to Israel some day … I hope …

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