18 thoughts on “211 ~ Hot Springs, SB National Forest

  1. What naked people!!? 😯 Is it known for nudist camping or something?
    I like the colours of the sky in that picture – and the moon! 🙂 Hot Springs – I’ve heard of it before, but don’t know anything about it, I’ll have to Google that later. You can tell I don’t travel much can’t you!? It looks like Mars on that picture! You should have just said you went on a date to Mars – I would have believed you!! 😉

    Sorry about all the questions, but here’s another one – why was it a nice surprise? 🙂

    • We had to hike a long way to the springs, and when we got there, EVERY ONE was naked except for us of course. We were both thrown off by it. I don’t think it’s known for the nudist part, but the people there were comfortable. *shrugs* I didn’t know about it either until we got to the destination. It does look a bit like Mars doesn’t it? ^_^

      Well all he told me was to bring hiking shoes and my bikini – no details about where we were going. That day, we met up with his friend who we followed, and I seriously had no idea where he was leading us until we got to the entrance. So that’s why it was a nice “surprise.” 😀

  2. Hmmm…naked people. Did you have to be naked to go on the date? 🙂 It’s a beautiful picture.

  3. Funny isn’t it? I think humans look better with their clothes on….maybe that is what that whole Garden of Eden thing is about. God: “Ye have eaten of the tree of knowledge and where once ye thought ye looked like all the other animals, with their nice fur and shells and scales, you now know you are the ugliest creatures in the universe, and have now to wear fig leaves! Get out of my garden and get thee to the Land of Nod so ye can sleep because your eyes will need rest.”

    But nice photo Britt. You should post snaps of the nudes….somewhere else of course, because I do not want to see them! 🙂

      • I know you didn’t – but it is a funny idea all the same. Britt happy snapping from behind saltbushes or whatever they are – surprise! guess who is going to be on WordPress!

        yea you are right though….best kept in the realm of the joke!

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