33 thoughts on “210 ~ Hearst Castle

      • No, thank God. I took a look at the rest of it. It looks hideous…but maybe it is better on the inside….

      • Sorry…should not be so blunt. It is just we have that sort of late 19th century early 20th century stuff here too made by rich creeps….maybe that guy was nice or something….must have saving graces I don’t know about…funny I thought hearst was the name of someone who murdered someone or got murdered….memory playing tricks on me. Just murdering my eyes….God I am so rude. sorry. I should not even post this, but maybe it will make sense of the earlier comment…which I should not have posted either.

          • Yea, sorry. I am sorry, and was thinking how I react like that sometimes to the places we live. I am not sure why I feel that way. I love small buildings from the time…you are right Britt. Thank you for puttingup with me!

  1. that place looks beautiful, I know I would love to go, So I would have To agree you should go again… like real soon. There are always new memories To be found by just tweaking the view

    • I saw it in a magazine a long time ago and told myself one day that I would go there, so I did. But each tour only shows you parts of the castle, so this time I want to see more of it. And you are right there are always new memories to be found just by tweaking the view 😀

  2. I made it to the car park but we were running late on our road trip from SF to SD so we just went to gift shop and then were on our way.
    Hopefully next time I’m on the West Coast…

  3. I think I would have to stay at the pool all day and every day!! lol I’m so solar powered and love the water.

  4. Oh, I’ve always wanted to go there! I know they do a Halloween tour every year, but you have to make reservations months in advance. It’s like a 4 hour drive South from me. Solvang has pancakes? I used to drive through there on my way back and forth from home to college during the holidays – I guess I never stopped. You have to stop in Buellton and get pea soup at “Pea Soup Anderson’s” – like the brand in the grocery store. It’s very close to Solvang.

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