13 thoughts on “205 ~ Nassau, Bahamas

  1. Beautiful blue sea!!! ♥ Shame on them for having dirty windows!! 😆 You wouldn’t notice the windows were dirty though! Were the windows dirty because they were splashed with sea water? I suppose that’s a hazard for a ship! 😀

    It’s very rare to get blue sea like that in the UK, just occasionally it comes out lovely on photos, and then nobody believes you when you say it’s a British beach! 😀

    • Hahah, yes it was dirty because of the sea water. You can see some splotches in the upper right hand of the photo 😛

      We don’t have blue waters like that in California. The beaches are super dirty which is why I don’t swim in the beaches here anymore. It always makes me skin itchy. >_<

And the wind whispers...

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