186 ~ the Great

There is something strange about you
Something special no one can touch
A something I can’t put into words
That thing that makes me love you so much

But when I think about this thing
I wonder if it’s all just in my head
For you have nothing that’s extraordinary
Nothing worth writing words to be read

So I will chalk it up to an illusion
A pedestal on which you are placed
For I am dressing you up in grandeur
When pauper clothes would fit your taste

For you are like a daisy
You will not live up to expectations
As I wake up only seeing green
When I revive in the revelation



Guess which book inspired this post πŸ˜›

36 thoughts on “186 ~ the Great

  1. Ooh – excellent poem! πŸ˜€ I know this feeling well! It’s strange how our minds can think something or someone is amazing, and then flip in the opposite direction, and see something completely different, and like you said ‘nothing extraordinary.’ And you wonder how you ever saw anything of any worth in them at all! 😦

    I do find the way our minds work fascinating, but also a bit alarming too, makes me wonder sometimes what things really are real, if everything can suddenly change so much!

    • Perhaps our minds already knew but our hearts have a way of overriding the obvious. *sigh* As they say, love is blind.

      I believe things are as real as we make it ^_^

      • Yes, I agree, things do seem to be as real as we make it, nothing is quite as it seems in this life! Definitely – love is blind, that’s the title of my next post! How did you do that!!! πŸ˜†

        Oh, and I just remembered to remember to tell you the name of that band I couldn’t remember. I found them in my music files tonight, they are called Dead Can Dance, I think they are from Australia. I’m not sure their style is definitely Arabic, but it certainly has that kind of sound. You might like them, if you’re in the mood for that sort of music – or might not! There is plenty of them on You Tube anyway, nice and easy to look them up! πŸ˜€

        • Whoops! Must have linked to your mind again >_< We really should respect each other's headspace and not do that so often πŸ˜›

          Adding Dead Can Dance to my list of bands to listen to on YouTube. Thanks Suzy!

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